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Information About ApiFlash

Company Name ApiFlash
Website apiflash.com
Category DevOps Software
Company Description A free website screenshot API based on Chrome and AWS Lambda. Designed to be pixel perfect and massively scalable from the ground up. Capture full page screenshots, mobile screenshots, control the viewport, the capture timing, …
Company Size 10
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Financial Information of ApiFlash

Customer Database 0
Revenue $61.3K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2018
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page https://pk.linkedin.com/company/apiflash?trk=products_seo_search
Facebook Page
Twitter Page https://twitter.com/apiflash_com
ApiFlash’s Founder Information
Founder Name Timothée Jeannin
First Name Timothée
Last Name Jeannin
Founder Email tjeannin@netcube.fr
Technology Using Amazon Simple Email Service; Route 53; Nginx; Google Maps; Ubuntu; Google Tag Manager; Recaptcha; Google Analytics; Google Apps; Stripe; Cloud Flare