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Information About Botego

Company Name Botego
Category Analytics Software
Company Description Virtual Customer Reps. Reduces costs, increases customer satisfaction. Knowledgebase tools Thanks to the Wordnet, the application ‘knows’ that ‘price’ and ‘cost’ are two similar words. Makes information retreival much easier and faster for call center agents, where these two are strong KPI’s. Social media analysis Making use of linguistic technology to automate sentiment analysis. E-mail autoresponders Contextual e-mail autoresponder for e- commerce companies.
Country Turkey
Company Size 8
Company Phone +90 212 2272874

Financial Information of Botego

Customer Database 0
Revenue $673.4K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2007
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Botego’s Founder Information
Founder Name Ekim Nazim Kaya
First Name Ekim
Last Name Nazim Kaya
Founder Email
Technology Using Youtube; Apache; Google Maps; Yandex Metrica; Google Adwords; Fullstory; Godaddy Nameserver; Mailgun; Google Analytics; Twitter Button; Google Apps; DoubleClick Ads; Amazon Cloudfront