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Information About Cellosign

Company Name Cellosign
Website cellosign.com
Category Software as a Service Platform(SaaS)
Company Description Mobile Digital Signatures for Call CentersrnWe Eliminate the Barriers to Mobile Digital SignaturesrnWith Cellosign call centers can increase transaction close rate and reduce complexity. rnShare. Edit. Sign. All during a single call, in real-time. rnCellosign application enables efficient business process between customer service representative and the end-customer, by allowing the representative to share docs interactively, hence real time bi-directional viewing and annotation of data, including e-signature.
Country United Arab Emirates
Company Size 3
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Financial Information of Cellosign

Customer Database 950
Revenue $166.8K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2014
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page https://www.linkedin.com/company/cellosign
Facebook Page
Twitter Page https://twitter.com/Cellosign
Cellosign’s Founder Information
Founder Name Kobi Segev
First Name Kobi
Last Name Segev
Founder Email kobi@cellosign.com
Technology Using Apache; WordPress; Google Cloud; Go Squared; Google Tag Manager; Google Analytics; Godaddy Nameserver; CentOS; MaxCDN