Colleges in Melbourne | Melbourne Colleges : Which one to choose?

Are you looking for Colleges in Melbourne? We have selected for you, so you can choose from below.

Melbourne is a city with a lot of urban and cultural life, very beautiful, with many opportunities to find work throughout the year, and with an incredible educational offer.


If the idea of studying English in Melbourne has crossed your mind, you will be delighted to know that you have found the right post.

Why is it important to choose Colleges in Melbourne?

We could give you many reasons, but with just three, you will have enough:

  • Because if your goal is to learn English, going to a quality Australian academy guarantees that you finish the course at the expected level. You should also do your part.
  • Because paying less and learning nothing is an experience that we do not recommend. Invest a few more dollars in yourself, and you will feel proud when you speak English as if it were not difficult for you. 
  • Because it is not just about studying but about making the most of this opportunity, take advantage of everything a school can offer: contacts, friends, work, events, workshops, and services that you will only find in schools that care about their students.

8 Best Colleges in Melbourne

Orange College

Orange College

  • Established in 2013, Orange College became operational in 2015 as a Registered Training Organisation (VET), providing ELICOS to International students and VET programs to domestic and international students.

Orange College now delivers Vocational Education Training courses at various Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) levels and English Language Intensive Courses for overseas students (ELICOS).

Orange College Campus

  • Melbourne CBD Campus
  • Port Melbourne Campus
  • Hobart CBD Campus

Course Offer by Orange College

  • Diploma Leadership And Management
  • Certificate iii In Carpentry
  • Certificate iii In Painting And Decorating
  • Certificate IV In Building And Construction
  • Certificate IV In Business Administration
  • Diploma Of Building And Construction
  • Certificate IV In Business
  • Diploma In Leadership And Management
  • Diploma Of Building And Construction
  • White Card

Queens College

Queen College

If you want to shine, do something you are passionate about

Having academic, professional, and personal success is critical in today’s society. Having an exciting and economically well-recognized work activity is part of the aspirations of the vast majority of the population.

Queens College offers a 100% effective and proven method for defining so that the foundations for a complete professional and personal life are laid.

Our team comprises teachers, psychologists, and coaches with extensive work experience in the training and educational environment.

Their method has been successfully developed and tested in the academic environment and is based on two widely recognized methodological paradigms:

  • Students who do what excites them are more motivatedpay more attention, and improve their performance and grades.
  • Finding the vocation early, what they like and are interested in, allows students to fill themselves with inner energy and apply it to the task.
  • When a young person develops activities that resonate within him, his confidenceself-esteem, and ability to excel increase.

Not sure which studies to choose?

Do you have several careers in mind and can’t decide on any?

Have you started some studies and realized that they are not your thing?

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Certificate iv in Commercial Cookery
  • Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • bsb80615 Graduate Diploma of Management Learning
  • Certificate 3 in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma of Automotive Management
  • Certificate 3 in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Einstein College


Einstein College is located in the heart of Melbourne. It offers high-quality educational programs for international students, focused on educating students and offering them a unique life experience. 


Best of all, it has a team of very friendly professionals who will help you with everything you need.


At Einstein College, you can study academic English, general English, and business English courses.



International Language School is one of the schools with the largest international presence, with headquarters in the main Australian cities and Canada, and India.

And this presence is linked to prestige, as it offers high-quality English courses that will help you improve your English quickly, whatever your goal.

At International Language School Melbourne, you can choose between General English courses, IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation courses, and Academic English. All of them CRICOS approved.

In addition, it has fun proposals where you can make friends, improve your English and work on some undiscovered talents, such as the Morning News Club and the Café Work Skills Course.

The ILSC campus is well located, with a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops. The average number of students per class is 14, so you will be assured personalized attention.

Learning English abroad can be the best experience of your life in Melbourne with the ILSC English school.

Location and Characteristics

ILSC is a group of English language schools with a global presence in Canada, Australia and India. With more than 50 partner institutions in Australia, ILSC supports you with great potential for the success of your study and work trip abroad.

ILSC Melbourne is very close to the centre of Melbourne, the most bohemian and “European” city in Australia, so you can enjoy a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants within walking distance. Not far away, the Yarra River offers waterside barbecue areas at Batman Park.

The ILSC Melbourne campus was created in 2016 and could receive more than 600 students, with an average of 14 students per classroom. The modern facilities have Wi-Fi, 37 lighted classrooms, two computer rooms, common areas, study areas, a cafeteria, a ping-pong table and a chapel.

Main programs of the ILSC school of Melbourne

At ILSC Melbourne, you will find the English program that best suits your goals and needs:

  • General English Programs: One of the most popular courses for the flexibility they offer the student, fully adapting to your level and your English goals.
  • University pathways – prepare you for access to more than 160 TAFE-affiliated universities, colleges and schools in Australia, Canada and the US.
  • Business English: courses designed to achieve the highest level of English in international business environments.
  • Exam preparation: IELTS and TOEIC, Cambridge and preparation for university programs.
  • Business and Hospitality English Program: English specific to the hospitality industry.
  • Café-Work-Skills: a perfect combination with practices in cafés.
  • TESL for Young Learners: Using games, songs, and more, a great introduction to TESOL certification later in life.
  • Creative and cultural English: a dynamic way to learn the language through topics such as food, cinema, art, journalism and more.

ILSC Melbourne: Accommodation and Activities

ILSC Melbourne provides its international students with carefully selected accommodation options :

  • Host family accommodation or “Homestay”: the best way to experience the true Australian culture while practising English, with the option of half board or full board.
  • Student Apartment – Iglu-Melbourne is a modern student residence with single rooms in shared or individual studio apartments. Located in the city centre, less than 20 minutes from the ILSC English school.

In a city like Melbourne, there are many attractions and activities that you will have at your disposal. Still, the ILSC Melbourne English school offers you a complete program of activities to practice English while you explore the city and learn new things: English workshops, photography, sports, and much more.

International House

International House

We talked to you about International House recently, as its Darwin campus may be the first to open its doors to international students in 2021.

This fact tells us many good things about International House since being a pioneer in something that requires good planning, commitment, and absolute dedication to its students is not easy at all.

Coming back to International House Melbourne, you will be pleased to know that it is located in the heart of the Central Business District, on the 6th floor of a recently refurbished building. Here you can learn English with their General English courses and preparation for the IELTS or Cambridge exams. 

The school is well connected by public transport and is surrounded by many cafes, restaurants, and shops. Its facilities include its spacious classrooms, a large common area for you to relax or do your homework, two kitchens and a very well-equipped computer room.

In addition, International House Melbourne offers loads of free activities such as Movie Days, Boomerang Painting, Pub Day, Origami Club, Speaking & Articulation Game, tours of the Melbourne CBD, and other excursions. Nobody gets bored!

Lonsdale Institute

Lonsdale Institute

At the Lonsdale Institute in Melbourne, they offer a flexible length General English course aimed at people with a basic level of English. If you have an intermediate level, the course that will interest you will be the one offered by Certificate III and IV for a higher level.

These courses have 25 hours a week of classes. Students are expected to study 35 hours at home, which is quite demanding. But in this way, you make sure that you study with good methodologies and that in the end, you will get an in-depth knowledge of English; That’s why you want to study the language, right?

Milestones International College

Milestones International College

Milestones International College has a reputable English Academy approved by ELICOS and CRICOS. You can learn from scratch or perfect your English whatever your purpose, with flexible schedules and very competitive prices.

On its campus, which is very well connected by public transport and located in Melbourne CBD, you can study courses in General English, Speaking and Pronunciation, English for Hospitality, Business English, and preparation for the official IELTS and Cambridge exams.

Peters Institute

Peters Institute
The St. Peters Institute Melbourne campus is conveniently located on Bourke Street, so if you live a bit further out, you can easily get there by public transport.

Regarding the courses, they offer general English courses with different levels and several weeks of duration. They also offer others focused on obtaining the EAL certificates for English as an Additional Language. These have four levels, each lasting 28 weeks, of which four are holidays.

Victorian Institute of Technology

Victorian Institute of Technology

At the Victorian Institute of TechnologyVIT for friends, you can improve your English at one of its three locations in the heart of Melbourne.

VIT’s philosophy is simple: studying is much more than burying your head in a textbook. For this reason, here, you will have the opportunity to learn more interactively, participating in activities designed for you to meet students like you and actively participate in classes, always with the support of your team of well-prepared teachers to help you meet your goals. Objectives.

At the Victorian Institute of Technology, you can study General English and Academic English or take IELTS exam preparation classes in 10-week programs in which you will have 20 hours of classes per week.

Why study an English Course in Melbourne?

There are many reasons to study English in Melbourne. Now we will tell you some, but surely you will discover much more when you are here.

There are good English schools.

Melbourne is a very big city with many English schools. And this competition between schools makes all educational institutions step up to offer the best educational programs and thus stand out and attract more international students.

There is an incredible quality of life.

Melbourne is considered the city with the best quality of life globally. Do you know why? Well, because there is work, a good health system, warm temperatures, well-kept nature, a high cultural level… So, apart from learning English, you will live in luxury here.

Lots of “culture” roll

It is a city with many cultural movements, so if you like museums, theatre, and cinema in VO, this is your place.

There is work

It is the second-most populous city in Australia, with around 4.1 million inhabitants. Therefore, there is quite a lot of work in sectors beyond tourism. In addition, better salaries are paid than in other cities, although prices are higher than in most.

It does not have a beach for surfing, but it is nearby.

Despite not having beaches within the city, near Melbourne, there are some spots that both local and international surfers like the most … especially those who are not afraid of sharks!

Bells Beach is very close to Melbourne without going too far, with a powerful swell and a beautiful coastline for a walk.

Undoubtedly, Melbourne is a city where you will enjoy living and learning English for a while. If you want us to help you find the ideal English course in Melbourne.

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