Detergent Cake formula | How To Make Detergent Cake

A laundry detergent cake is generally an all-kind of laundry cleaning detergent that comes in the form of a cake.  We are using a detergent cake on a daily basis but how many of us know what the Detergent Cake raw materials are and what is the detergent cake making the process.
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Detergent Cake formula

So let us know how to make laundry detergent cake very easily.  We are gathering information for you free of cost so you can start your own business.

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Let us know Detergent Cake raw materials

Non Edible oil (you can use any kind of oil even you can use any used oil)
Caustic Flakes
Sodium acetate

Detergent Cake formula

Detergent Cake formula / Detergent bar making formula

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Now it is time to mix all ingredients together.

100 Kg. Non Edible oil
100 Kg. Caustic Flakes
200 Kg. Salts (1 to 3 Rs.)
100 kg. Sodium acetate

Mix all the above ingredients in the mixture

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