What is the Best Detergent Powder Formula?

There are several different types of laundry detergent. But you’ll be surprised at how many of them have something to do with their formula, rather than fragrance or other ingredients. A laundry detergent’s formula is what determines how well it removes dirt and stains from clothes.

Detergent Powder Making Business Guide

Luckily, most detergents are very similar and they all follow the same basic steps in removing dirt from your clothing. There are some manufacturers who may alter their products slightly for marketing purposes, but the formula itself remains the same.

This will help you understand why some deterges work better for some fabrics than others when looking for a new brand to try out or replace your current one with.

How to make Detergent Powder?

Let’s come to know how to make detergent powder. Through this blog, you can start your own business of detergent powder.

Please have a look at the Detergent Powder formula

Detergent powder making Formula /  Recipes

300 Gm       Guar Gum Powder
535  Gm      Edta – Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
16.250. Gm Labsa
10 kg           Water
1.650.Gm    Sodium Perborate monohydrate
4.300 Gm    Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
430.  Gm     Caustic Soda
75. Gm        Cbx
90. Kg         Soda
105.Kg       Salt
4.300.Gm    Stain Remover
430. Gm     fragrance
2.250.Gm  speckles
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Best Detergent Powder Formula

Blend no .1:- Mix the Sodium carbonate and sodium choroid for 5 minutes with a machine speed 35 RPM.
Then Add EDTA dye sodium for 1 minute with a machine speed of 45 RPM. Then mix all the ingredients with Sodium Perborate monohydrate, Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose Caustic Soda.

Blend no .2:-
Mix the Labsa ( Acid slurry ) and Hot water for 15 minutes at 10 RPM Speed. After 15 minutes this ingredient will be thick. To remove the colour of labsa (LINEAR ALKYLBENZENE SULFONIC ACID ) addCbx.

Then mix blend no. 1 and blend no. 2. And keep in the blender machine for 5 min with 35 RPM machine. After blending these materials add stain remover and speckle.
After 30 minutes just spread fragrance whatever you want.

Then put this material in a dryer machine. Keep it to 60 Degree until 10 minutes. And the powder is ready for sale. You can pack in different packing.

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