What is the Difference Between M.Phil. and Ph.D?

M.Phil. is different from any other completion and assessment unit as it is a completely self-contained project for students. It includes an important part of the research under the supervision of a thesis project. An M.Phil. The degree is awarded to a graduate student after completing course work and submitting one or two years of a major research paper.

The PhD (the degree of Doctor of Philosophy) is the highest achievement of a student in the academic world. In many countries, a PhD is not primarily a degree in philosophy. The Doctor of Philosophy is awarded to students in various academic fields.

Therefore, the ‘Doctor‘ tile is usually indicated for people with a PhD. In some non-English speaking countries, the title varies on the name ‘D.Phil’.

M.Phil. vs PhD.

The difference between M.Phil. and PhD is that M.Phil. is known as ‘Master of Philosophy’ while PhD is known as ‘Doctor of Philosophy. The duration to complete the course of M.Phil. is 2 years, and for PhD. It’s 3 years. At M.Phil., the stipend is not paid; instead, a stipend is paid to students at a PhD.

Comparison table between M.Phil. and Ph.D.





M.Phil. It is known as an academic research degree that enables students to become masters of a specific subject and ensures adequate knowledge for future research.

Doctor. It is internationally accredited as the highest level of research degree obtained by universities.


2 years (1 year coursework and 1 year thesis submission)

3 years (1 year course work and 1 year for thesis work submission)


Not paid by the University.

Paid for by the University


Research basics.

Original and newly created research work.

Program Structure

It offers course work and thesis presentation.

These are the course work and the new creation of the thesis paper submission.

What is M.Phil.?

M.Phil. Or the Master in Philosophy, is a postgraduate degree formed by the work of advanced academic research managed by the University. It is also the second degree between postgraduate and higher researched doctorate.

The entire duration of my M.Phil. The program is two years. In which one year is the course work obtained by the thesis work. During dissertation work, students are required to consult the research of other scholars and seek out the most recent research in their particular respected field to regenerate it.

The minimum time of one year is estimated for the candidates to present their complete thesis work. Therefore, it takes two years (one-year coursework and one year for the thesis) to pursue M.Phil. grade to a student. The dissertation examination (thesis work) is assessed by the international supervisor and the respected external examiner, who may lead viva-voce.

When the candidate is successful in viva-voce, the qualification of M.Phil is awarded. Degree. Before presenting the final proposal of the thesis or dissertation work, the M.Phil. Students must provide a seminar presentation on the study and research work completed.

What is a doctorate?

Doctor. O (Doctor of Philosophy) is the highest title awarded to undergraduate scholars by the University for completing their unique research on a specific topic in a particular field. It prepares its graduate students as faculty members and researchers at their universities.

To enrol in this program, students must first be eligible to pass specific exams. For example, NET, GATE, or equivalent to other exams in your chosen subject to earn a PhD.

After passing the exam, the candidate is qualified to gain admission to the PhD. Program. The entire program consists of three years. One year is for coursework, and the remainder of the two years is provided for submitting thesis work. One-year course work must be completed for confirmation of the PhD. Registration.

Subsequently, they are eligible to present their thesis work within two years of validity from the date of registration.

Main Difference Between M.Phil. and Ph.D

The difference between M.Phil. and a PhD depends on the following criteria:


M.Phil. It is defined as a second Master’s course and offers significant opportunities for students to gain knowledge from advanced research work.

Instead, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a professional degree course that eminently offers doctoral students to become a faculty position and teaches students at the university level in the relevant relative subject they researched.


The length of the M.Phil. The program is two years. One year is for course work and one for thesis submission. On the contrary, the minimum period of the doctorate. The course is three years.

The time can be extended up to five years; it varies according to the presentation of the proposal and the approval of the thesis.


The M.Phil. Students cannot receive any stipend, while the PhD. The students are granted a grant to carry out the University’s research work.


The program of M.Phil. includes the necessary research work, and students focus primarily on the research of other scholars in their respective fields. But in the PhD program, candidates are required to submit an original and individual advanced research paper in their particular area.

Program Structure

The M.Phil. The structure of the program consists of two important objectives. The first is one-year coursework, and the second most eminent is thesis presentation work done under the supervision of professionals.

The experts examine the thesis work or the dissertation. Students necessarily attend a seminar, where they present their research paper proposal before the final presentation of the dissertation.

In contrast, the PhD. The program comes with one year’s work followed by thesis work under the observation of a qualified supervisor.

Finally, newly worked personal thesis work must be submitted within the two-year due date for a PhD degree.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about M.Phil. and PhD.

Its M.Phil. equivalent to a doctorate?

M.Phil. It is an intermediate degree between a Master’s and doctorate. It provides the advantages and the experience of both a Master’s and a Doctorate. 

Here are some similarities between M.Phil. and PhD:

1. Much of the M.Phil. programs are funded. This means you will get a tip like a PhD student. This stipend covers everything like accommodation, fees, and other expenses. RA / TA/lab assignments are required.
2. You can get your separate cubicle or desk where you can rest and do your research study.
3. There are far fewer course credits to be completed at M.Phil. compared to PhD. This suggests that you will have more time to enjoy your independent research study.
4. Your degree will depend entirely on your thesis. It is also necessary to pass the thesis defence.
5. You will have at least one teacher as a supervisor.

How many years does it take to complete an M.Phil.?

A student who enrols for an M.Phil. Complete the program within two years. A student enrolled in the doctorate. The program is expected to complete the entire program in three years.

Which is the best M.Phil. or PhD?

M.Phil. is an advanced graduate course. It consists of a teaching part and a research part. Its value is higher than that of a postgraduate degree, but it is not equivalent to a doctorate. A PhD program takes about 3 years to complete, while an MPhil degree takes two years.

Doctor. is one degree higher than M.Phil. One might have to pursue a PhD after M.Phil. like M.Phil. not the highest grade. So it doesn’t make much sense to spend two years on an M.Phil. degree if someone is going to pursue a PhD again.

Doctor. It is better as it is the highest degree, and one can opt for it right after the Master’s program.

What are the themes of M.Phil?

The following are the topics of my M.Phil:

1. M.Phil. Trade
2. M.Phil. Education
3. M.Phil. Physical education
4. M.Phil. management
5. M.Phil. statistics
6. M.Phil. Math
7. M.Phil. Physical
8. M.Phil. Biotechnology
9. M.Phil. Chemistry
10. M.Phil. computer science
11. M.Phil. Geo-Marine Technology
12. M.Phil. Information technology
13. M.Phil. Marine Biotechnology
14. M.Phil. coastal aquaculture
15. M.Phil. microbial technology
16. Zoology M.Phil
17. M.Phil. English
18. M.Phil Physics-Specialization in Renewable Energy Sciences
19. M.Phil. History
20. M.Phil. Sociology
21. M.Phil. Economic Sciences
22. M.Phil. Communication


At the end of the general discussion, it is proposed that M. Phil. is considered a less advanced degree than the PhD degree.

In M.Phil., students read a model research article and look for the latest advanced research on a particular topic to rejuvenate it.

While they are in the doctorate, the research work is prepared to produce a fresh and original subject creation. They continually experiment and search for something new under the guidance of experts.

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