How To Make Dish washing Liquid – Dishwashing liquid formula


About Liquid Detergent Making Formula

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Dishwashing Liquid Formula

Dishwashing liquid has been on the market for quite some time now. Many mothers have used these at home. Even restaurants use dishwashing liquids. These have been a great help for all in making the plates, glasses, cutlery, and cooking utensils clean. This works well with your dishwasher. Since you have been using dishwashing liquid, you may have noticed that these cost higher than our detergent soap. Well, here is a tip on how to make your dishwashing liquid so you can save from spending too much to be able to clean your plates, glasses, cutlery, and cooking utensils.

Dishwashing Liquid Formula

You can make a litter of dishwashing liquid at a very affordable cost. The main ingredients for making a litter of dishwashing liquid are the following:
  • 125 grams of ZeniMax
  • 93 grams of visco plus
  • 800 milliliter of water
  • Colour
  • 1.5 milliliter of scent

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Dishwashing Liquid Recipe

The procedure is very simple. Here it is:
  • Divide the 800 milliliters of water into the half. Set aside the other half.
  • On the other half of the water, add the zenamix into it. Make sure that the zenamix is mixed and fully dissolved evenly into the water.
  • When the mixture is done, add the color that you prefer for your dishwashing liquid. Mix the color well. You can add more color the way you want it to appear
  • Add the 1.5-milliliter scent. Constant mixing can help spread the scent all over the solution.
  • Add the other half of the water. Mix the solution well at constant speed.
  • Apply the visco plus. Constant stirring is needed after the visco plus has been added.
  • Add another 100 milliliters of water in the solution.
  • Mix well at constant speed. You would know when your dishwashing liquid is ready because it would appear smooth and creamy.
Are you done?
With this process, you can surely make a litter of dishwashing liquid that you can use for your home at a cheaper price. If you like the basic dishwashing liquid, you just have to remove the color and the scent. With or without the color and scent, you can have your dishwashing liquid with this process. These color and scent are usually used by manufacturers t attract the buyers.
There are many other ways of producing dishwashing liquids. Some use borax, grated bar soap and washing soda. The process of using these ingredients is different from the above process. With these ingredients, you need to use heat as if you are cooking the soap. The borax and washing soda will be added right after the soap is dissolved. Constant stirring is again needed in here.
These are the important things that you need to have for making dishwashing liquids: water and a mixer for constant stirring. These are very important that one should prepare.Click here to learn more about making your own homemade cleaners! 

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