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Information About Factorialhr

Company Name Factorialhr
Website factorialhr.com
Category HR Software
Company Description A human resources (HR) software that helps CEOs and HR pros streamline employee time tracking, time off management, performance, and more – all in one place.
Country Spain
Company Size 261
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Financial Information of Factorialhr

Customer Database 75K
Revenue $25.6M
Year-over-Year Growth
Funding $101.7M
Valuation $530M
Founded Year 2016
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page https://www.linkedin.com/company/factorialhr
Facebook Page
Twitter Page https://twitter.com/factorialhr
Factorialhr’s Founder Information
Founder Name Jordi Romero
First Name Jordi
Last Name Romero
Founder Email jordi@factorial.com
Technology Using Route 53; Google Tag Manager; Facebook Connect; Bing Advertiser; Facebook Advertiser; Salesforce; Ruby On Rails; Google Maps; Google Analytics; Piwik; Google Apps; HubSpot; DoubleClick Ads