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Company Name FineReport Reporting Software
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Company Description Fanruan Software Co., Ltd. is the front runner of BI and reporting tools, leading its peers in size, service network, brand influence, market share and sales. Fanruan has over 400 employees, most of them graduated from prestigious universities. Highly qualified and competent, they seek to deliver the ultimate products. Fanruan has two operation centers, 15 branch offices and 41 offline service outlets in North American, Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China. FineReport reporting software is a very important product of Fanruan which has 16 years experience in the reporting tool area. FineReport has more than 6,000 cooperative clients across 233 business segments in different industries as well as 200,000 report developers. Every day, over 2,000,000 users query, view, fill and analyze data using FineReport.
Country China
Company Size 37
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Founded Year 2001
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Founder Name Chen Yan
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Last Name Yan
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