How To Get Paid For Surveys And Earn Extra Money

Today we will learn how to get paid for surveys and How you can earn money by just doing simple data entry work.

Get paid for surveys sites are one of the most popular and effective methods to make money online. More and more users are interested in participating in these market studies and surveys offered by specialized websites and platforms in exchange for remuneration.

These pages and paid survey platforms act as intermediaries between customers (brands and companies) who want to collect opinions and information and users like you or me who simply seek to  earn some extra money filling out simple surveys and online questionnaires.

In this article, you will find all the information you need to get started. In addition, I will leave a wide list with the best pages of paid surveys that you can find nowadays.

Characteristics of Get Paid For Surveys

The great interest of thousands of users for online surveys is due to the benefits and advantages they offer compared to other types of online businesses.

It can be said that almost all these platforms and survey pages have common characteristics that are the following:

  1. You do not have to invest money. 100% free method Never pay for registering or receiving surveys. Obviously, you should not pay to obtain a list with the best pages of paid surveys, because right here, in this article you will find it for free.
  2. Freedom and flexibility. You should only use the time when you are invited to a survey or market study. Nothing happens if one day you have been invited and you can not complete it, you should know that participation is totally voluntary and free. You have no obligation to answer a survey if for any reason you can not or simply do not feel like it or do not have time at that time.
  3. Very affordable payment minimum. The minimum payment will be the minimum amount you must collect in your balance to be able to collect the money. In most survey panels this minimum charge is quite affordable for any type of user. On average this amount is usually around 5 or 10 euros or dollars so it will suffice that you complete 3 or 4 surveys to reach the minimum payment required and thus be able to withdraw your earnings.
  4. Comfort. The only tool you need to complete online surveys is a computer, mobile phone or tablet with an Internet connection, nothing more. In this way, you can complete surveys from the comfort of home or taking advantage of the time you spend for example in public transport on the way to work or university. This feature makes surveys a very valuable method to earn some extra money as it is very easy to reconcile with other types of activities you do every day.
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How much money can you earn for completing paid surveys?
Get Paid for Surveys
is an excellent and effective way to work from home and generate income. That is, do not fall into the trap of those who tell you that you will earn hundreds of euros or dollars by completing simple surveys, at least individually. Be realistic, no page will pay 100 euros or dollars for completing a survey, so my advice is to avoid those pages that offer exorbitant compensation.

You should know that the remuneration normally offered by a normal survey is usually between 0.75 and 2 euros/dollars and the duration is usually between 5 and 15 minutes. It is true that sometimes there are more specific and extensive market research studies and communities and therefore the remuneration will be much higher.
Personally, I have come to see studies that have lasted several days or weeks during which users daily or periodically receive surveys or instructions to participate in debates, forums, etc … Obviously and as I said earlier this participation is paid with much more money than a normal survey. I have come to see studios and communities that have paid 70, 100, 200 or more euros or dollars for full and satisfactory participation.
If you are looking for an approximate figure of what you can win, I am sorry to say that it is difficult to say since it depends on many factors:
Country of Residence. Depending on the country you are in, you will have more or fewer pages available. For example, a country like Venezuela has only 2 or 3 panels of surveys available to allow users there, however, a country like the USA has (that I know and have tried) more than 20 pages available.
Dedicated Time. It is not the same that you are working and/or studying and free time you like to complete a survey to earn a little extra income to an unemployed person, who does not do or who dedicates to this and can have much of the day free to content surveys quietly.
Type of profile
. The profiles of surveys are an important section and one that must be taken into account. I always recommend on any page or paid survey platform to complete your profile 100% and keep it updated whenever possible. As I mentioned at the beginning, these pages act as intermediaries between brands, companies and institutions that seeks the opinion of users with specific profiles so that against more complete and updated you maintain your personal profile more options to be invited to surveys.

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Possibility of getting referrals. The vast majority of pages have the possibility to invite your friends, acquaintances or colleagues in exchange for remuneration. This is a key aspect to go from winning (for example) 10 euros or dollars a month to earn 100.