How To Make Homemade Whitening Toothpaste? Ingredients List, Natural Toothpaste Recipe

When preparing our own toothpaste we make sure that all the ingredients we include are natural and that we are not using artificial products that can harm our health.
More and more people are starting to worry about using products that are natural, not industrialized, that is, without so many chemical ingredients that can damage their health.
There are many advantages to preparing your own toothpaste at home, as this is not harmful to the body, is made from natural ingredients and, as if that were not enough, it is cheaper than manufactured by major brands.

The Question of fluorine
Regarding this element, it was always affirmed that it was beneficial for the denture. But for some time, this effectiveness has begun to be questioned and there is also doubt about the safety of fluoride, when it is used in excess and, therefore, its use as a component of toothpaste has been questioned. We use daily.

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe
Do you want to know how to make toothpaste in your own home? Here we present three options so you can choose the one you like.

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Homemade Toothpaste Recipe Ingredients:
Salt – 1 tablespoon
Baking soda – 4 tablespoons
Hydrogen peroxide (3%) – 3 tablespoons
Aromatic herbs such as sage, mint, stevia, lavender, mint, etc. – select the leaves and finely chop them

The Process Of Homemade Toothpaste

Mix the first 3 components in a bowl and stir well until the preparation acquires appearance and pasty consistency. Then add the herbs, which will give your homemade toothpaste a delicious aroma and flavour.
Toothpaste With Baking Soda And Coconut
Homemade Toothpaste Ingredients:
Sodium bicarbonate – 3 tablespoons
Coconut oil – 2 tablespoons
Stevia powder – ½ envelope
Edible mint essence – 20 drops (may be more or less, depending on the desired flavour)
Cinnamon or Peppermint minced – amount to taste.

Process Homemade Toothpaste
Place all the elements in a container, except for the essence of mint, because you must gradually add it gradually until you find the right point, according to your taste.
Thanks to the fact that coconut oil melts with temperature, the paste becomes liquid when it makes contact with the mouth. To perform the mouthwash, we suggest you do it with warm water.
By cleaning your teeth with this homemade pasta you can enjoy fresh breath and a pleasant taste in your mouth. In addition, something fundamental, coconut oil gives the paste antibacterial agents.

Homemade Toothpaste For Deep Cleaning
Fine sea salt – 1 teaspoon
Baking soda – 3/4 cup
Peppermint oil – 2 teaspoons (or according to taste)
Water – the amount needed

how to make toothpaste

Process For Homemade Toothpaste
In relation to this third recipe, we must clarify that this paste, sometimes, to some people can be unpleasant due to the salty taste that characterizes it. Also, it is not recommended to use it every day, as it can damage the tooth enamel. The ideal frequency of use of this paste is once a week, with the aim of applying a deep cleaning treatment on the teeth.

Other ingredients
As we always tell you, it is important that you do your own tests and that you experiment with different components to achieve a natural toothpaste, but one that is also pleasing to you. Some possible alternative ingredients are the essential oil of orange, peppermint or tea tree, among others.

By washing your teeth with these pastes, you can keep oral hygiene very well, while avoiding the use of artificial products of dubious effects.

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