How to Make Liquid Soap with used Cooking Oil

Recipe for making soap with used cooking oil

The second of the soaps that we explain to you how to make is the used oil soap and that will be perfect in this case for us to use it to wash clothes.

Ingredients to make homemade soap with used oil:

  • 1 kilo of oils used and cast.
  • 345 grs. of Distilled Water
  • 135 grs. of caustic soda

How to Make Liquid Soap with used Cooking Oil

How to Make Liquid Soap with used Cooking Oil

With great care we begin by throwing the caustic soda into the water and not the other way around since you could cause a chemical reaction and have an accident. You have to throw it out slowly and carefully. Do not forget to wear glasses to protect your eyes, gloves and even an apron.

You will notice as in the same way that with the carrot soap the temperature increases. Eye! because it can reach 80 degrees so be careful and above all let it cool.

Soap making from Recycled Cooking Oil

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When the mixture has cooled, known as caustic bleach, you throw it on the oil (they should be more or less at the same temperature) and stir with the same sense, and thus avoid cutting the soap.

Once you see that the mixture has a texture or shape similar to that of the mayonnaise, we can aromatize or colour and for this, you must add natural colours and essential oils.

When you have finished mixing everything, you put it in the moulds, and it is best to cover it with a baking paper, with a kitchen cloth or with plastic wrap.

Let the mixture sit for two days and release them, then take it to an aired place and let it dry for a month or a month and a half.

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