How to Market a Psychology Practice?

In the midst of a debate over the quality of Spaniards’ mental health, opening a psychology practice could be a very profitable business in mid-2022. This highly specialized sector has a moderate supply and growing demand, which suggests that ‘it can be a forward-looking company with great medium-term growth potential.

In Spanish public health, there are only six professionals per 100,000 inhabitants, three times less than the European average. In this context, most of the offer is concentrated in the private sphere. Spaniards often choose to go to a private psychology clinic, even if they have to pay high prices for their services.

How to Market a Psychology Practice?

According to the data processed by the sector, the average cost of a psychology consultation session is 51 euros, with prices that vary according to the autonomous communities between 46 and 62 euros per hour. Without a doubt, a great company that does not require too much initial investment.

The conditions for setting up a psychology consultation

Before setting up a psychology consultation, it is necessary that you have a degree in psychology. It may seem obvious, but it is a collegiate profession, so in addition to the university degree, you must register with the official Association of Psychologists. From there, there are a number of options that can differentiate your business within the industry.


Clinical psychology, child psychology, sexology, adult therapy… When setting up your psychology practice, you can choose one of these specialties to differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract a greater number of clients. . In this section, you could also choose to dedicate yourself to various branches of psychology and deal with patients of all kinds, or to focus business growth on building a team.

How to Market a Psychology Practice

Hire other professionals?

The formation of a multidisciplinary team, with professionals specialized in different fields, can give a boost to the psychological consultation. If you choose this option, you must bear in mind that the initial investment in the company will be significantly higher, taking into account that the average salary of a psychologist in Spain is around 21,000 euros per year. .

Format and workspace

Another fundamental aspect when setting up a psychology practice is the workspace in which you will serve your clients, as well as the format of the company. In this sense, most professionals choose to care for patients from their own practice, which must be a place that conveys security and trust to be able to carry out the therapies in a correct way.

In addition, you will have to decide whether you want to integrate additional services, such as the possibility of caring for your patients at home or, in boom videoconferencing services, via platforms such as Zoom or Meets. Of course, rates vary by modality, and could bring additional income to your psychology practice.

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