How to Start a Packaged Food Business in India?

Thanks to the stunning online developments, almost all the business brands today are taking their business online to ensure their clients can access the products and services no matter where they are. In the wake of Covid-19, where social distancing is mandatory for all of us, no matter where we are, and if you are also planning to sell your packaged goods online, you must jump in joy as you are on the perfect page.

Packaging components indeed be an essential step for a business. In the current times, every business is looking forward to differentiating itself from the others, and one of the best ways of doing so is with the help of packaging. It is indeed said that packaging can make or break the whole look of the food; Hence, businesses must be ultra-careful about the same.

You can learn here: how to sell packaged food besides some easy ways to sell packaged food. In the uptrend digital era, packaged food brands also need to ensure that their products remain accessible for their buyers. When you make your products available online, your patrons can shop their products anytime and from anywhere across the globe, which ensures you don’t lose your clients to your rivals.

How to Start a Packaged Food Business in India? How to Sell Packaged Food Online?

It is pretty easy to sell your packaged products if you follow some steps.

  • Clients need to visit your store and find some products which they want to buy.
  • Clients can choose a payment option as per their needs or objectives. They can also decide if they want their orders delivered at their doorstep or wish to pick them up through the store.
  • Once you get the order, you can start preparing the client’s order as per their demands.
  • For instance, if clients choose store pickup, they are likely to drive to your shop and pick the order on the date selected by them.
  • If the customer chooses no contact delivery, you need to ensure your delivery partner picks the order from the store and completes the delivery.

Create Your Packaged Store Online

It would be best to build a store online before you start selling your products and services online. The online platform allows your customers to browse the products quickly and complete the purchase.

1. Sign up on Shopify

You can quickly sign on to Shopify and learn How to sell packaged food. All you need is an email id that you would use to manage your administrative tasks. You need to set up a domain name that must be similar to your brand name. For example, if your brand name is ABC, your domain name will be www. ABC., you can customize the domain name.

2. Design your online store

Once you have a domain, you can easily design your store. You must know that the store’s design plays a crucial role in ensuring better shopping conversions. A theme gives you some structure that offers the method you would want to have. You can further personalize the details once you understand the theme structure. For instance, you can explore our express theme, which is mainly designed for food and restaurant companies. The music is ideal for you if you want to showcase your food catalogue. Additionally, you can also add some relevant pages, including the brands about us page.

How to Start a Packaged Food Business in India

3. Adding products

Once you have your design set, you need to add some products to your online store. You can either upload the products manually or use a spreadsheet to upload the same.

4. Helping make the right purchase

Your clients don’t have an option to try or taste products, so they need help making the right purchase from your store. Your buyers can shop your products without stressing about any wrong purchases. You need to ensure that you offer a detailed product description like almost all the details that your shopper needs to know while they make a purchase. In addition, you need to implement some live chat features in your store to allow customers to reach out to your customer support.

5. Personalize the cart

It will either make or break your online store. Above all, you must ensure that your cart page lists the products that your shoppers have added besides its pricing. You must ensure that there aren’t any distractions available while completing the payment. You need to click on the online store on the Shopify dashboard.

You can customize the theme as per your brand’s personality amid the live theme section. You need to set multiple payment methods to allow your buyers to any payment option they want, making it easier for them to complete the transaction. You need to click on settings to add several payment methods. Besides that, you also need to add the shipping prices, which are likely to be applied per your client’s order. You can also see the checkout page on the settings page, where you can personalize various aspects.

6. Delivery brands in your area

You can choose a delivery partner as per the products you are likely to offer. Keeping in mind the covid norms, it is vital to provide no-contact delivery options for your buyer’s safety. The app allows buyers to give some instructions regarding the product’s delivery besides choosing the date and time. It would be best if you kept your buyers informed about their order status.

7. Allow pickup at your store

There are some areas where doorstep deliveries aren’t allowed, and clients need to step out to make their purchases. In such cases, you can enable your buyers to pick their orders from your store.

All Set to Launch your Package Food Store Online

1. Pick a plan

First, you need to pick a plan on Shopify which aligns with your company’s goals and needs. If you are new to online selling, you can choose the basic plan available here, where you need to start selling online and ensure your products are likely to be accessible to your clients.

2. Inform your existing clients by mail or text

When you learn about easy ways to sell packaged food, you must know that you have to inform your buyers about it once your online store is set. To do so, you can send some emails or texts to your clients to notify them that your brand is online and how they can make the purchase now. You can also break the news on social media today; almost everyone uses some or other social media channels.

How to Start a Packaged Food Business in India

3. Accept orders on store

Once your client places an order on your online store, you will likely get an email from Shopify. You can log in to the dashboard using the email id, and almost all your orders will be reflected there. You can also download the Shopify app, which will allow you to stay up to date regarding the orders placed. You shouldn’t ignore the small details..



How can you market a new store to reach more patrons?

You can market new stores to reach your potential clients by using brand awareness. All you need to do is set aside some budget to spend on brand awareness ads on social media platforms, including Facebook or Instagram.

How can you build your packaged store online?

Ans. You can quickly build your packaged store online by reading some guidelines or signing up with Shopify. The steps are easy, and you can follow them in no time.

Is an online store necessary?

It is vital to have an online store for packaged business if you want to thrive in the market.