How to Start an Immigration Consultant Business in India?

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Immigration consulting is a booming business in India. Many Indian nationals have registered as consultants to help foreign nationals immigrate to India. 

The country has emerged as the top destination for international migrants after the United States and Europe due to its liberal immigration policies, English-speaking population, largely middle-class population, and high GDP growth rate. 

Consultant charges depend on assignment, the amount of work involved and the level of expertise required. Thus, starting an immigration consulting business could be lucrative for people with a strong interest in working with clients from different backgrounds to help them migrate to India. 

Do you want to start an immigration consulting business? If YES, here is a detailed guide on how to start an immigration consulting business with no money and no experience.

However, it’s not an easy endeavour either. Therefore, the “How to start an immigration consultant business in India” guide will explain all the intricacies you need to know before starting your immigration consulting business in India.

What is an Immigration Consultant?

An immigration consultant is someone who specializes in helping people migrate to India. They provide services ranging from providing clients with legal and other documents to taking care of their visa applications. 

They also help clients with fertility treatments and other health-related issues. They can even help them obtain permanent residency in India if they have completed the requirements. All these are done under one roof by a single person.

The Rising Demand For Immigration Consulting Services In India

There are many reasons why people are flocking to India as a place to live, work and grow as individuals. One of the main reasons for this is that it has emerged as a gateway for international migrants to live and work anywhere in the world without having to go through any visa procedures or having travel visas issued by different countries. 

The country has been attracting more people from other parts of the world due to its favourable immigration and visa-related policies. 

Therefore, there is no doubt that there will be more demand for immigration consulting services in India soon enough despite the current limited supply. 

This will be good news for all consultants who want to expand their business with clients from different parts of the world who want to migrate to India or need advice on obtaining visas or working permits here in the future.

Being an immigration consultant or attorney means you will help your clients handle all their immigration concerns and help defend your clients who have deportation cases with the government. 

You can also help them obtain work permits in their new country of residence; you can help start a business and solve any other immigration-related problem.

Starting an immigration consulting company is not too expensive, except for the money required to rent and furnish an office space. 

How to Start an Immigration Consulting Business – A Detailed Guide

Industry Overview

Players in the immigration consulting industry offer services relating to the legal status of individuals, including permanent residency and visa services. 

These services include filing visa applications, visa advice, and preparation and representation before a court of review authority in relation to visa applications and related matters.

Immigration agents who are significant players in this industry help people obtain visas and gain citizenship, advocate for immigrant rights, navigate illegal immigration issues and help businesses understand the issues of immigration.

Earnings in the industry are based on population levels and business locations. Immigration consulting firms tend to be located in areas with high populations. Such areas tend to have higher levels of migrants, which can lead to visa applications for family members and students. 

The immigration consulting business will continue to flourish because more potential immigrants are beginning to realize that they would somehow need the services of immigration consulting agencies to help them make the right decisions. From all the available statistics, it is safe to say that the industry is growing steadily despite its competitive nature.

Some factors that encourage entrepreneurs to start their own immigration consulting business could be that the business is easy to set up and the startup capital is affordable.

Starting an Immigration Consulting Business: Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Demographics and Psychographics

The demographic and psychographic composition of those who require the services of immigration consulting firms is not limited to people who intend to migrate from one country to another but is all-inclusive. 

Also, if you want to define the demographics of your immigration consulting business, you should go all in.

It should include expatriates seeking to emigrate to work in another country, families wishing to visit a country strictly for tourism, refugees, asylum seekers, spouse and children wanting to reunite with family members and students, among others.

List of niche ideas within the immigration consulting industry that you can specialize in

Although most immigration consulting firms tend to operate a general immigration consulting business that involves all the services that a legal immigration consulting firm is expected to offer, there are no niche areas in the industry.

But on the other hand, some immigration consulting companies may decide to specialize in some key areas like;

  • Provide immigration legal advice
  • Collect and present the proper documentation to prove a case
  • Help to obtain the type of documentation necessary to reside in the country legally
  • Gain immediate access to citizenship in emergencies
  • Help with citizenship tests
  • Defend a person’s case to prevent them from being deported
  • Handle family-sponsored immigrants, employment-based immigrant visas, diversity programs, refugees, and other categories

The Level of Competition in the Immigration Consulting Industry

The level of competition in the immigration consulting industry depends to some extent on the location of the business and, of course, the niche of your immigration consulting business. 

If you can successfully carve out a unique niche for your immigration consulting business, you will likely experience little to no competition.

Regarding immigration consulting companies, distance is never a barrier when competing for clients, especially international students. 

What most migrants want is the result. Therefore they are ready to hire immigration consulting companies no matter what part of the world they operate in, as long as they have a good track record and can deliver excellent results when handling any immigration problem.

Also, there are more considerable immigration consulting firms and even institutions that determine the trends in the industry, and you should be ready to compete with them for clients.

Economic Analysis

As an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a business requiring less stress and perhaps minimal startup capital, you may want to consider starting an immigration consulting business. 

The cost of running an immigration consulting company compared to the volume of business you get can be very different (this is applicable when you have been able to establish your feet in the industry).

Again, the cost of running the business process from start to finish could be limited to the cost of making phone calls, transportation, internet subscriptions, and, in some cases, materials such as flyers and brochures, among others. With that, it’s easier to project the earnings you’re likely to make if you can get a deal to handle immigration consulting work for potential migrants.

Starting Your Immigration Consulting Business From Scratch vs Buying a Franchise

When it comes to starting a business of this nature, it will pay to start from scratch rather than buying a franchise. Before you can get an immigration consulting job or before migrants can hire your services, your profile will be scrutinized, even if you are operating the franchise of a successful brand of immigration consulting firm.

Also, it is expensive and perhaps challenging to purchase an immigration practice franchise. Keep in mind that most successful immigration consulting firms started from scratch and were able to build a strong business brand. 

It takes dedication, hard work and determination to achieve business success.

Potential Threats and Challenges You Will Face When Starting an Immigration Consulting Business

Suppose you decide to start your immigration consulting business today. In that case, one of the main challenges you are likely to face is the presence of well-established immigration consulting firms, and the only way to avoid this challenge is to create your market. 

Focus on small communities of migrants and asylum seekers who cannot afford the high fees charged by well-established companies.

Other potential threats to a business like this are unfavourable government policies, bad publicity, and of course, the arrival of a competitor within your location of operation.

Start an Immigration Consulting Business – legal matters.

The best legal entity to use for an immigration consulting business

Starting an immigration consulting business is serious, so choosing the legal entity will go a long way in determining how big you want the business to grow. 

When choosing a legal entity for your immigration consulting firm, you can choose between a general partnership, ownership, Pvt ltd etc.

It is essential to clearly state that these forms of the legal structure have their advantages and disadvantages; This is why you need to weigh your options properly before making your choice.

Before choosing a legal entity for your immigration consulting company, you should consider these factors:

Limitation of personal liability, ease of transfer, admission of new owners, expectations of investors, and, of course, taxes.

We assume you finally have everything and started your business, so now it’s time to promote your business.

Advertisement on newspaper

Pamphlet in the newspaper (cheapest)

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business)

Develop a Website and promote it (SEO)


 Seminar in college

Also, You can collaborate with TOEFL & IELTS coaching centres, foreign exchange companies, colleges, and foreign universities.

How to Start an Immigration Consultant Business in India? Now, You know what to do it.

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