How to Start Paper Cup Business? How to calculate the cost of making paper cups

Do you know how to start a paper cup business? If your answer is YES, then this is for you only. So allow us to begin to calculate the cost of making paper cups.

Due to mounting pollution and health concerns, the demand for paper made from small to large cities increases rapidly. From tea drinking to lassi and coal drinks, they are being used with speed. Due to rapid growth, it is believed that this business will grow faster in the coming days. In such a case, if you start a business, it will not prove to be a loss deal anywhere for you. Through the paper cup making business, you can earn 50,000 to 1,00,000 rupees in a month.

Know about all aspects of this business

How to Start Paper Cup Business?

What is Paper Cup Making Business?

The business paper of especially per and glass making is called Paper Cup Making Business. Under this, different size glasses are prepared. The use of these glasses is usually from tea shops to juice and drink shops. Simultaneously these glasses are considered very favorable for extensive party functions and celebrations. Due to the formation of paper, it becomes easily disposed of. This does not cause any harm to the environment.

How much does it cost to start a paper cup business?

If you want to start this business in a small way, it begins in one to one and a half lakhs. Under this, you can produce glasses and cups of 90 to 200 mL. In this work, small and large automatic and semi-automatic machines can use many machines according to their own cost. While small machines prepare the same size cup, the more prominent machine produces glass/cup of every size. In 1 to 2 lakhs you will get only one size cup/glassmaker, with the help of which you can do the production. However, if you want to produce cups of every size and glass, you need a capital of 10 to 12 lakh rupees.

How to calculate the cost of making paper cups? Project report of Paper Cup Business

The monthly requirement of single PE paper 2,27,300
(2273 of PE coated paper for side wall (177 GSM) (Cost Rs.100.00/kg) to 90 kg.
756 Kg of PE coated bottom real 65,772
(Cost Rs.87.00/kg) to 80 kg.  
Labour wages (2 operators) 20,000
Monthly EB bill  
(Electricity consumption 3 unit per hour, so 2*21*28=1176*10/Rs/unit) 11,760
Building rent 5000
Machine maintenance 2,000
Phone & office maintenance 2000
(Transport for receiving raw materials bundle) 4000
Packing material 11,084
(Approx box +polythene cover 55.42
(Box 10,000 cups, 20.00,000/10,000=200)  
Transport for sending cup box (200*15) 3000 3000
Miscellaneous 5000
Total 3,56,916
Maximum production through 2273 Kg of paper 20,00,000
The cost price of 55 ml cups per cup 17.8 Paisa
The sale price of cup 23 Paisa
Cost of one month production (20,00,000*0.178) 3,56,000
Sale of one month production (20,00,000*0.23) [A] 4,60,000
NET PROFIT of month (4,60,000 – 3,56,000) 1,04,000
Note: – expenses worked out of for 30 days and production worked out for 28 days.
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