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Information About Intricately

Company Name Intricately
Category Digital Marketing Solutions
Company Description Intricately provides best-in-class sales and marketing intelligence tools. Unlock new revenue opportunities with our sales and marketing intelligence tools.
Country United States
Company Size 35
Company Phone +1 650-600-1834

Financial Information of Intricately

Customer Database 7M
Revenue $2.1M
Year-over-Year Growth
Funding $6M
Founded Year 2014
Social Media Presence
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Intricately’s Founder Information
Founder Name Michael Pollack
First Name Michael
Last Name Pollack
Founder Email
Technology Using Amazon Simple Email Service; Route 53; Typekit By Adobe; Mixpanel; Google Tag Manager; Crazy Egg; Mandrill; Salesforce; Zendesk; Marketo; App Nexus; Go Squared; Google Analytics; Intercom; Piwik; Google Apps; HubSpot; Salesforce SFDC; Salesforce; Amazon Cloudfront; Wistia; Cloud Flare