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Company Name PageLime
Category Advertising Software
Company Description PageLime develops a hosted Content Management System (CMS) for designers, web agencies, and web developers. The CMS It allows you to manage text, images, and documents on your site by logging into a web-app that’s hosted on our servers. It doesn’t matter where your site is hosted, it doesn’t matter whether you use PHP, Java, or ASP (or no scripting platform), and you don’t have to make a single change to your site architecture.
Country United States
Company Size 1
Company Phone 2023205280

Financial Information of PageLime

Customer Database 0
Revenue $70.9K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2012
Social Media Presence
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PageLime’s Founder Information
Founder Name Emil Anticevic
First Name Emil
Last Name Anticevic
Founder Email
Technology Using Apache; Ubuntu; Google Tag Manager; Google Analytics; Digital Ocean