How To Start Paneer Making Business? Paneer Making Business Plan cost, Profit

Making paneer business is a profitable and attractive business. It comes under milk processing activity. Paneer has been used in some countries of Asia such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. Although the production of paneer is now spreading around the world. Paneer is sold in two different categories in the Indian market. For a fresh sale and in the second pack form. However, fresh paneer gets spoiled faster than the packaged paneer. So any person can start a cheaper construction business with some investment. You can read our article to know how this happens.

Paneer Business Plan

Market Potential of Paneer Manufacturing

The largest market for paneer in South India. However, paneer is popular in almost every state of the country. Paneer’s demand is high because people are vegetarian today or non-vegetarians are more likely to eat all out. And are also traveling to different places inside the country. Therefore, paneer is available everywhere today. It is sold in various grocery stores, supermarkets, departmental stores, etc. Because people mostly go out to eat, there is always the demand for hotels and restaurants, and therefore the hotel industries are the main consumer of paneer.

At least 65% of branded paneer like Amul and Nestle are sold in the country. But the consumption of paneer in India is increasing by 25 to 30% annually. Therefore starting a small-scale paneer manufacturing business can be very attractive for new entrepreneurs. If you are already in the business of dairy, then you can consider starting a small unit of business to make paneer with the existing business.

Paneer Production Capacity

If you are processing about 500 liters of milk every day, 40 kg of paneer will be produced. With 1 tonne of paneer per month, 12 metric tons of paneer can be produced annually.

Paneer Making Business Registration

Whether the business is big or small, everyone is required to register. You will also have to register for the business of making paneer and get the business name and insurance cover. This business requires the following registration –

• To run this business, you will first need a building and business license, which you will have to get from your local municipality.

• This is a food item, so you will have to register for FSSAI, but before that, according to the PFA Act (2010), you must obey certain conditions for the production of paneer, which is that it does not have more than 70% moisture And the fat content should not be less than 50%.

• After passing this test, you will also have to register in MSME Industry Base, which you can also do online.

• In addition to this, it is necessary to apply for BIS certification.

Need for a place for the business of making paneer (Place Requirement for Paneer Making Business)

You have to make sure you have a place to start a small-scale paneer manufacturing unit. And to start this one area of at least 1000 square feet is sufficient. Apart from this, you will need a place to keep the processing area, storeroom, packing material, space to keep the finished goods, and space for transportation. Apart from this, it is also necessary to give facilities like electricity and water. So before preparing the paneer business, prepare the project report for the preparation of the paneer. You will be better able to establish the business keeping all things in mind.

Raw Material for Paneer Business

How To Start Making Paneer Business

The main essential raw material for starting paneer business is milk and sodium hypochlorite or citric acid. Through which paneer is manufactured. It can remain fresh for only 3 days, and it is always kept in the freezer. If it is kept at a normal temperature, it will not last more than a day.

Machinery for Paneer Business

Generally, the Semi-Automatic Manufacturing Unit has been more successful in this area. Although modern and technically advanced machinery provides various benefits, such as good quality, a higher yield of cottage paneer, enhancing cottage cheese and high-cherished cottage paneer, etc. Here you are going to tell us about some machinery that can help you run this business –

• Aluminium cans to keep and store milk

• Motor coolers

• Precision tank made of stainless steel

• Fat Remover

• Boiler for heating milk

• Milk Analyzer

• Vacuum packing machine

• Deep freezer

• Weight weighing machine

• Labelling machine etc. for labeling

All this is available on online websites like IndiaMart or Alibaba. From where you can buy it online.

The process at home (Home base without machine Paneer Making Process)

Making cottage paneer is very easy; you can make it in your own home too. Here we are going to tell you about the easy process of paneer, which will help you start a small penny small business –

• To begin the production of paneer, milk processing is required first. This means that milk is first heated through the milk boiler. Milk is made hot because it destroys the germs that cause disease in the milk. It also effectively reduces colloidal calcium phosphate solubility. The milk is heated at approximately 60-degree centigrade.

• To isolate water and solid from the milk, a few drops of lemon juice or some drops of citric acid are inserted.

• After that, it is filtered through a muslin cloth, and its water is separated.

• For this, put it under some heavy item so that its water will be completely separated and we will get paneer.

• Then weigh it on a certain weight, cut it into separate pieces, and pack it and keep it in the freezer.

Paneer Packaging

Paneer’s life is very low, so special attention is paid to its packaging. Packaging can only increase the life of the paneer. Generally, you can pack the pieces of cheese in a polyethylene pouch. The vacuum packing machine can also be used for its packing. After this, the heat seal process is applied, and it is kept in the Deep Freezer.

Total Cost or Investment for Paneer Business

Suppose you have an idea of starting this business on a small scale. In that case, you have to pay for it some raw materials and other things such as milk, transpeptidation cost, citric acid, packaging material, electricity, fuel, a paste of cheese, boxes, staff salaries, etc. Have to spend. You may have to invest up to Rs 2 lakh for this. Apart from this, when you are starting it at a large level, you may need 2.30 lakh rupees for the cost of machinery, and in addition to some raw materials, it will also cost around Rs. 2 lakhs. And to complete the business, it can take up to Rs 5-6 lakhs.

To start the business of cheese, you set its price. For this, you can sell paneer in the market at a rate of about 150 to 200 rupees per kg. Apart from this, if you can order for a hotel or restaurant, please. For this, you can put the price of the paneer according to the wholesale, which will be very beneficial.

Profit Margin for Paneer Business

Since its demand in today’s time is very high, you will get very good profits in this business. You can earn at least Rs.2000 / – per day from its trade. Apart from this, you can get more profits if you sell it by ordering a hotel or restaurant Wholesale.

In this way, you can start a more profitable business at a very low cost and make it a great way to earn money.

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  2. total wrong calculation 500 ltrs milk will be of 25000 @50…40 kg paneer mean only milk cost as per you in making 1kg would be more than 600….

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