30 Profitable Businesses that are Successful in new markets

30 Profitable Businesses that are Successful in new markets

1.-Live commerce

Live Commerce is a new way of selling in electronic commerce that takes time, causing a furor in China. It is based mainly on an influencer, a coach, a celebrity, or anyone who chooses the organization is responsible for presenting a product through live streaming. The audience can follow this presentation, ask questions or make suggestions. It is like live interactive television. Defenders maintain that the conversion rates are significantly shot with this method.

The trend landed a few months ago in Spain at the hand of the Startup, The Jump. This agency has specialized in the Live Commerce with which they promise new experiences to customers of digital businesses while helping, to the latter, to increase sales.

As they affirm on their website, with the use of the solution, “Conversion ratios can reach 30%, 10 times more than a traditional e-commerce.” They are supported, for this, in technologies like Machine Learning.

2.- Green ammonia

Ammonia has good and bad things. The bad is that it occurs of natural gas, which entails strong carbon dioxide emissions. The good ones are almost more. In addition to being a basic in the cleaning kit of any home, it feeds half the world’s population because around 90% of the ammonia that occurs will stop fertilizers that maintain food production.

It is also used to treat waste and wastewater, for cold storage, rubber, in the cellulose and paper and beverage industries, such as a stabilizer, neutralizer, and a nitrogen source. It is also used in the preparation of drugs.

VIEWS HIS BONDADES; the challenge is not eliminating the ammonia but making it sustainable. This line points to what is known as the green ammonia ((NH3), or the green hydrogen revolution, whose combustion does not generate CO2.

We talked about an emerging industry where companies are being positioned with the Fertiberia group, which has captured an investment of 1,200 million euros to become the first green ammonia plant of the world of Iberdrola’s hand.

3.-Low Code

The Low Code is an emerging technology that implies a paradigm shift when it comes to building technology solutions that meet the needs of a company without the need to resort to the services of a professional programmer.

Within this trend appear solutions such as Sygris, a company based in Madrid and 100% Spanish that, in the words of its CEO, Sergio Brihuega, has created “a Low Code programming language with which you can build anything without having that worry about the technology that underlies below. “

The company closed last year with a turnover of approximately 4m euros, and forecasts for 2022 are reaching three-digit growth and “making Sygris an internationally recognized brand.”

4.-In 5 g

For the 5G to be a reality, it is still pending that telephone operators make the full deployment throughout the national territory by providing the necessary infrastructure in rural areas. This process could culminate at the end of 2022 beginning of 2023. Once this happens, we can say that technology 5 g, the fifth generation of mobile telephony technologies, is already here.

Anticipating your arrival was constituted in Valencia Fivecomm, a startup that wants to provide content and democratize 5g technology within the industrial sector. To make the 5G use cases in the industries, Fivecomm integrates hardware and software, applying its solution to mobile robotics, extreme connectivity in industrial environments, connected car and dissemination, and remote production of multimedia content.

The Startup Valenciana is promoted by the most prominent 5G networking experts of the Valencian Community, accounting on its advisory team with the Researchers Narcíes Cardona, José F. Monserrat, and David Gómez Barquero and incorporates talent in Software Engineering, Telecommunications, and Multimedia to transform that experience and skill into 5g technology.

30 profitable businesses that are successful in new markets

5.-In the metaverse

And if it has already been saying before, the 5G is still not a full reality; the less it is still the metaverse, the virtual world in which we are supposed to live, and we will relate within a few years. This does not remove so that we do not stop talking about him and sponsoring new business opportunities.

This vertical tries to anticipate solutions such as Uttopion, presenting them as “the first metavera without barriers.” It is a platform that offers “many services in the metaverse world. Highlights the option of building space by buying a virtual terrain and using it as real land. You can sell it, rent it, mount a business, and sell products online. In addition to mounting concerts or sporting events, promote a brand, etc. “

After being selected, the Startup has just become part of the shuttle ecosystem, which they call Phase TRACTION.

Soraya Cadalso, whom we already interviewed on this website, is a co-founder who started the idea with the original project called Musichood. This musical platform now integrates into Uttopion.


6.-The Uber of Architecture

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a methodology that allows you to create digital 3D design simulations, coordinatingly handling all the information involved in an architecture project. In this new methodology, seek to become a hole, the young Spanish company Stoor, a Marketplace of digital architecture that compares with the Uber of Architecture. It is a platform for the sale of architectural projects for architects and builders conceived by Aitor Arteta, and that has the support of another serial entrepreneur, Taig Mac Carthy.

The procedure is as follows: Architects who want to put their projects in the market – or resell those already used by others – have a showcase in which they exhibit them in Stoor. And the promoters and builders find a place to choose those who adapt to what is needed on the platform. The BIM methodology makes architectural projects reusable because 80% of a project is already done, or some similar solution is maintained.

7.-Printing books on demand

We took years to talk about the impression of books on demand, but, so far, in this business, we located it alone in countries like the United States. We can also place it in Spain, specifically in Seville, a city that welcomes “the bookstore of the future.”

The library’s name is island paper, and the machine that works ‘the miracle’ has been baptized with the name of a dragon capable of printing a preceded book in a matter of minutes. Thus, eliminate starch problems, storage, distribution, or logistics, reducing production costs significantly.

The client, for his part, receives the book he wants in a matter of minutes and takes it at a much more economical price.

8.- New materials for the textile industry

It is known that it is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, so more and more fashion brands are emerging that bet on the ‘Slow Fashion’ and sustainability from zero minutes. In this line, a company in Spain stands out for the originality of its proposal, Sepia, the first 100% circular Spanish fashion company that designs men’s and women’s clothing with recycled and sustainable materials.

Thanks to the incorporation of textile technology, the company designs garments that do not stain, do not wrinkle, and neutralize body odor, improving the day-to-day of their consumers and generating the lowest environmental impact and the most significant social impact. Thanks to nanomaterials, their garments can be recycled continuously, reaching like this, a new disruptive concept called infinite fashion.

Sepia produces locally in workshops and laboratories from Spain and Portugal. Federico Sainz de Robles founded the firm in 2016 to deal with a new era in which circularity and sustainability were the values ​​of the greatest protagonism in the company’s DNA.

9. The funeral revolution

The funeral market is also experiencing its peculiar digital transformation. It does so hand in hand with technology and the emergence of new business ideas that focus on this market that some already call Funeral Tech.

In this direction, the startup Iteralix was founded in mid-2021 in Barcelona with which it intends to transform the perception of death and funerals in society. In a little digitized, hermetic and rigid sector, Iteralix offers the possibility of organizing personalized, intimate and unique ceremonies, in emblematic settings and with a wide range of prices that from 50 euros allow you to pay tribute to your loved one. Among the 58 initial proposals available are, for example, gastronomic tributes in wineries in La Rioja, surrounded by art and gastronomy in Bilbao or sailing the Mediterranean on a catamaran. “The funeral revolution is here to stay,” they say.


10.-AI guided drones

The use of drones has become normalized in recent years. In fact, they have become very useful tools in tasks such as capturing aerial shots in movies and documentaries, or visual inspection of large structures. Arshia Gratiot , founder and CEO of Third Space Auto, a company that leads the field of autonomous drones, talks about the future of AI-based drones and the benefits and potential opportunities they can offer society. The company has specialized in the development of robotics software with

applications for aerial and maritime drones and unmanned ground vehicles.


11.- Digitization of travel agencies

Travel agencies are not going through their first moment, hence the urgent transformation of the sector following the path of digitization. Solutions that try to add value in this sense are already emerging, such as the MOGU platform, an application to digitize travel agencies and with which sales can be closed 10 times faster.

The startup is founded by a Spaniard and a Croatian, Andrés García and Iva Tomic. In addition to digitizing travel agencies, streamlining sales processes and centralizing communication with customers to share updated information in real time and generate additional income, the application allows the traveler to have all travel documents (airline tickets, tickets, hotels), a private chat with the agency, the guide’s introduction videos, practical information about the destination, a group album, different personalized stamps, etc.


Encantado de comerte 2 Start Up Success

12.- Against food waste

Encantado de Comarte a Spanish startup that wants to avoid food waste. We are not talking here about a trend or an emerging market, but about a legal obligation dictated by the Government that affects the entire food value chain, from production in the primary sector to the surplus of a restaurant at the end of the day.

The idea of ​​Encantado de Comerte was launched on the market at the end of 2019 by three founders: Enrique de Miguel, Adrián Espinosa and Gabriel Ramas . It is a marketplace that puts owners of small establishments, preferably nearby, with surpluses about to expire, in contact with vulnerable people who can purchase products in good condition at a much cheaper price than usual. The lots to acquire are published in the app with a minimum 50% discount.

13.- Cybersecurity

It is one of the fastest growing markets in the world due to the global digitization of the economy, including work environments. We are also talking about a very transversal sector because, ultimately, cybersecurity is an enabler of all technological development and digital transformation. It concerns all industries -strategic and not- to large companies, to the Administration, to State security and to any ordinary citizen. Hence, wherever there is a security challenge, a business opportunity arises that, in this case, seem infinite.

Here, for example, solutions such as that of Gataca, a cybersecurity company born at MIT by the Spanish Irene Hernádez and that offers decentralized digital identity technology to provide hypersecure access, without a password and that preserves the privacy of users, succeed. digital services.

Gataca’s innovative proposal consists of service providers being the ones to subscribe to users by providing them with a unique and global digital identity.


14.- The revolution of renewable energies

Rated Power is a Spanish startup founded by Andrea Barber, CEO and co-founder, photovoltaic engineer Miguel Ángel Torrero and Juan Romero , expert in mathematical models and solar energy.

In a B2B model Rated Power helps other large companies to design their solar plants faster, more efficiently and accurately. “Our tool now covers all the design phases of a photovoltaic plant, we have our own energy production model and we generate hundreds of pages of bespoke engineering documentation. All in just a few seconds,” they say.


15.- Empower employees

Loonfy’s idea is that anyone can choose the day of payroll collection when they are most interested in it without having to wait for the end of the month. Starting from the basis that a happy employee is what makes a happy and productive company, the startup seeks to empower employees through agreements with their companies, offering them the possibility of collecting their payroll in a flexible way.


16.-Technology for the elderly

Technology for the elderly has proved crucial for their accompaniment and surveillance. In Spain alone, more than two million elderly people live alone. Hence the convenience of solutions such as the one created by the Adopta un Abuelo organization where they connect older people with young volunteers who, either through video calls, or by writing letters or other ways, try to alleviate their feeling of abandonment and loneliness.

17.-Customer loyalty

Triple is a Spanish startup based in London that has developed its own technology to design rewards and loyalty programs for banking applications and merchants. They intend, in this way, to revolutionize the model of loyalty and recruitment programs existing in the market.

Triple offers its service to both financial institutions and merchants . For merchants , it allows you to define rewards campaigns, their budget, costs, volume, discounts and duration, among other variables. For banks, it offers them a valuable tool with which they can identify and match cashback with retailers .

Triple’s reward program is fully integrated within banking applications, meaning customers don’t need any links or coupons to access rewards.


18.-Prediction of the values ​​of the Stock Market 

StockFink is a Spanish startup that has created an algorithm based on artificial intelligence techniques that allows it to detect when the price of a share is high, when it is low, and what is its most likely variation range during the following week . Their goal, they say, is to democratize investment in the stock market through Artificial Intelligence. Likewise, the service extends to the values ​​of cryptocurrencies.

The algorithm generates a daily prediction report for each component of the IBEX35, IBEXC, IBEXS, NASDAQ-100 and EURO STOXX 50. From January 2021 to last August, the solution has accumulated more than 8,000 evaluated predictions.

The company, of Asturian origin, already has a multidisciplinary team of close to 20 people. Those responsible for its birth are Juan Luis Fernández Martínez, PhD in Mining Engineering and now Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oviedo, and Lucas Fernández Brillet , PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Grenoble Alpes University and promoter of other entrepreneurial projects of great importance. impact.


19.-An environmental Amazon

Climatetrade is a carbon footprint compensation marketplace in which companies that are interested in offsetting their footprint are put in contact with promoters of mitigation projects around the world. They connect them through blockchain technology.

What the client does is choose the project that best suits their culture or corporate values, enters the marketplace and, once their carbon footprint has been calculated, puts in the tons they want to offset. These are certified projects and what Climatetrade does is provide the safety and traceability of the operation through technology.

20. Plant-Based Printed Meat

Novameat is a food technology startup working with plant-based foods, including plant-based meat substitutes. Novameat was founded in 2018 by Giuseppe Scionti , a bioengineering researcher and entrepreneur.

The startup’s idea is to bring its 2.0 plant-based steaks printed with 3D technology to the mass market . Surely more than one likes the idea.


Snippet Start Up Success

21.-New audiovisual experiences

Snippet is a video marketing platform that personalizes communication with the voice of a prescriber or celebrity. The startup has created a technology that, with the data that companies have about their clients, individualize the content by personalizing it in speech.

What Laura de la Fuente, CEO of the company, proposed was to change communication and humanize it beyond advertising. Snippet is a startup with 100% Spanish capital, formed by a group of specialists who work with the aim of creating unique and personalized experiences through innovative audiovisual marketing tools and diction technologies. With this technology, it is able to speak to each client by name, managing to surprise and retain them from the first moment.


Paythunder Start Up Success

22.-Aid for the technological evolution of companies

PayThunder is a technological platform of Cordoba origin, expert in means of payment and artificial intelligence in different hardware, from mobile devices to interactive robots. Their solutions are conceived to help companies to evolve technologically.

The company has been looking for Artificial Intelligence solutions since 2014, having received numerous awards inside and outside of Spain, the last being the Digital Tourist Award 2021. Among its latest achievements

Interactive smart holograms that incorporate 5G technology or an autonomous remotely piloted robot that allows a postman to work from home are just some of the most disruptive products brought to market by the startup.

23.-Virtual assistants

It is another field that seems to have a long way to go in the coming years. In this field , Aunoa emerges, a startup that transforms the mode of communication between people, companies and institutions, developing solutions based on Conversational Artificial Intelligence to be able to communicate with them through the messaging or voice channels they usually use.

In addition, they use natural language recognition in these channels to bridge the digital gap, optimize and improve relationships between companies and customers, converting complex processes into simple and fast conversations that are key to optimizing customer service. They target other corporations within sectors such as banking, insurance, real estate, retail or the health sector, among others.


Solum Start Up Success

24.-Charging of electric vehicles

Solum is a technology company founded by three Andalusian entrepreneurs specialized in developing smart and sustainable technological products thanks to the application of solar technology, with the aim of helping to transform cities into more habitable and humane places.

His proposals regarding the integration of clean energies in Smart Cities have already been awarded in different competitions and promoted by entities such as the European Technological Institute (EIT), the University of Berkeley, the Seville City Council and the Andalusian Government.

Its flagship product is solar flooring, a pioneer in the world , having already installed a charging station for electric scooters on Paseo de Santa Cristina (Seville).

25.-Distributed power generation

Distributed or decentralized power generation is a main part of future smartcities . But, taking into account the price that electricity consumption has reached at this time, it is not necessary to move to the future to understand the exponential growth that energy self-consumption communities are experiencing.

To speed up its implementation and do it safely, solutions such as that of Ezzingsolar appear, a company that was a pioneer in Spain in creating a tool to design a photovoltaic plant or installation from Google Maps without the need for professionals to travel to do the measurement and the commercial proposal. Over time, ezzing has evolved to create what it is today, a platform that covers the entire value chain within photovoltaic installations within distributed energy.


26.-Invest in cryptocurrencies

Safe custody is one of the great challenges facing the world of cryptocurrencies, an investment that more and more institutional clients are betting on. A few weeks ago , Affluent was created to make decision-making easier and help them in the purchase, sale and custody of cryptocurrencies , aimed at high-income and institutional clients.

The solution stems from the alliance between the startup 2gether , a fintech focused on transforming the economy through its financial platform based on blockchain and tokenization technology, and Fellow Funders , a fintech specializing in alternative investment solutions for financing SMEs. and innovative startups.

Later, Alberto G. Toribio joined the project and was assigned the mission of turning Affluent into a crypto asset broker.

pastview Start Up Success

27.-Travel to the past

Pastview experience is a company born in Seville in 2012 by Jorge Robles , CEO and founder. His was one of the first startups that positioned itself in our country in the use of immersive technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality applied, in his case, to the tourism sector.

In Pastview they offer guided tours that allow tourists to see what the spaces they visit were like at different times in the past. With the Past View smartglasses , the tourist enters the past through virtual reconstructions and AR technology and approaches heritage spaces in a close and immersive way. The virtual images are not simply architectural recreations, but rather transport the user to places full of life, with characters of the time . Even one of these characters addresses the tourist acting as a cicerone.

Likewise, and thanks to the movement sensors, the user can contemplate panoramic views of the past, compare them with the present and thus improve the sensory experience of a different and innovative tourist visit.


28.-Employees who speak well of your company

Strengthening the corporate brand through the positive comments that the company’s employees themselves communicate on social networks is the idea that the Canarian company BeAmbassador had. It is a cloud platform aimed at companies to turn their employees into brand ambassadors.

The platform allows the employer brand to place segmented pieces of content in a repository, and invite their employees to register as ambassadors and share the content on their social networks to improve their professional brand and increase business opportunities and improve the branding of the company.


29.- Furniture by subscription

Taking advantage of the boom in the subscription economy, the founders of the Castilian-Leonese startup Rentchester came up with the idea of ​​setting up a business around furniture rental with the right to purchase.

The company was born to offer the user total flexibility by simplifying the entire process of furnishing a house. It aspires to become the alternative to buying furniture or renting an apartment furnished by a third party, through furniture rental. Likewise, through the circular economy, Rentchester wants to offer a service that extends the useful life of furniture, thus achieving a sustainable, economic and social benefit.

30.-Training for League of Legends 

eStragy are presented as a high-performance virtual platform to train players in League of Legends, a strategy game in which two teams of five players face each other to see who destroys the other’s base first…

Juan Palomo , CEO and Co-Founder of Teide InTech and co-founder of eStragy, a virtual gym for eSports players, knows a lot about this team game . Together with Juan, two other co-founders of the project also work side by side: Sara Llorente and Daniel Serapio. The platform proposes an orderly and effective method to improve the brain of the players and acquire the necessary skills to unleash their maximum potential.

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