SEO Reddit: How To Use Reddit In A Content Marketing Strategy?

These days, more and more companies are engaging in content marketing using various tools to promote the content of their websites. 

Today, I’m going to talk to you about Reddit: A community network becoming more and more essential in the digital world, especially in content marketing. 


Indeed, the statistics of this network show that under its facade, which may seem a little disjointed to you, it is a place where we find beneficial information, conversations, and more than 430 million active users per month.

· What is this Reddit?

· Why use Reddit?

· SEO Reddit Guide: How to use Reddit in a content marketing strategy?

These are some of the questions that I will address in this article.

What is Reddit and content marketing?

We will indeed talk a lot about Reddit, but it is, above all, a tool that you will use in your content creation strategy. 


For this, it is quite normal to understand what content marketing is.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing as we know it today first appeared in the United States in the 19th century. 

Content Marketing, is a set of techniques based on the creation and transmission/propagation of valuable and informative content to communicate with customers and optimize the visibility of a website. 

Thus, content marketing aims to attract visitors to a website like a magnet attracts iron. 

He transforms them into consumers while relying on impeccable techniques and meaningful content. 

In short, it promotes optimizing the visibility of a site with the audience at the level of search engines and social networks. 

Content marketing has a lasting impact on your business. Unlike traditional advertising, its impact does not disappear simultaneously as the investments. 

Indeed, when you publish articles based on a content marketing strategy, you should not think in the short term. It will take a few months, depending on the size of your website, to see results.

Content marketing, therefore, has a long-term effect as long as your content remains hosted on your website. Content marketing, therefore, has a significant impact on your company’s SEO strategy.

This technique also helps website owners efficiently manage a good part of their budget. By producing and distributing valuable content, you influence the behavior of potential consumers and optimize the visibility of the entity’s website. 

By combining your content with a set of marketing strategies aimed at increasing traffic, you will be able to follow the gradual and continuous transformation of your prospects through your sales channel. 

Also, you will be able to generate leads that you can engage through email marketing to drive them down the sales funnel to grow your customer base.

In this logic, it is essential to include social networks, and Reddit is one of them.

What is Reddit?

Created on June 25, 2005, by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz, Reddit is a free community platform very well known in the United States and around the world. 


As we can see, Reddit is primarily popular in English-speaking countries. But should we neglect it when we are in France? No, and you will know why.


A year after its creation, its audience grows considerably and allows it to rise to the rank of the most visited networks over the years. 

Reddit very quickly becomes a critical social community which, thanks to its functioning, influences many people:


Reddit is a community where users discuss various social and non-social news and share links. 


It describes itself as “the front page of the Internet” and comprises several forums, also called subreddits (subreddit), created and named by Redditors.


In general, these subreddits have names in the form of /r/FORUMNAME and are places where we find several pieces of information relating to a distinctive subject. 


It may be a question:

· Concerns
· Requests for help
· Informational articles
· Pictures or videos

Therefore, Reddit is a mixed salad of implausibility and social news appropriate for any website that wants to stand out from the crowd by giving more celebrity to its brand in visitors’ eyes and sharing their opinions.


Unfortunately, many business owners neglect this powerful community which is undeniably a reference channel on the net. 


There’s no better place if you’re looking for a fantastic community and don’t mind criticism.

Why use Reddit, and what are the rules to observe?

SEO Reddit

There are many reasons why you should consider using Reddit in your strategies. Here are the most important ones that I noticed:

Link sharing

Reddit allows its users to submit links: Links redirecting to a newspaper article, a complete article, or even to multimedia content such as an image or a video. 

Thanks to this link-sharing system, Reddit users have the opportunity to discover several brands, tools, and content related to their fields.

The Votes

Users (Redditors), thanks to an upvote (Favorable vote) or downvote (Unfavorable vote) annotation, can therefore vote for or against a link to judge its relevance. 

Depending on the number of upvotes/downvotes and the time since publication, a score is assigned to your journal. This voting system is a plus because it lets you know what people think of your content.

An old post has very little chance of ending up on a subreddit’s front page unless the subreddit in question isn’t overly content-rich. 

Visibility and demographics 

Reddit is a community network with nearly 330 million monthly active users with over a billion native views per month. It is, therefore, a great propaganda tool that allows its users to reach many people.

Also, Reddit is mainly made up of mature people, so you can easily make yourself understood and hold mature discussions. 

According to a study by Fixmobily, 42% of American Redditors are Internet users between the ages of 18 and 24:

Reddit Tools


Voting on Reddit allows users to earn scores that constitute Karma. 

Thanks to the latter, Redditors reward the dedication of users who publish appreciated content. A user’s Karma is visible on their profile and can be viewed by the entire community.

Reddit Gold

Through its paid system “Reddit Gold,” Reddit allows any user to reward posts or comments from other users. 

Generally, this award is for a particular article, whether it’s a perfect pun, a review, or an act of kindness. 

Thanks to Reddit gold, happy users can take full advantage of the site’s features over a given period.

Posts and golden comments are usually more visible, and several Internet users may reward the same post simultaneously. 

Because of its youth and the consequent volume of its population, this wonderful community is an important marketing channel for all businesses. 

Therefore, this community platform is an inexhaustible resource for marketers, as it provides them with the best-published content for its millions of visitors. 

When Reddit is leveraged well, it lends unimaginable effectiveness and efficiency to any content marketing strategy.

Reddit rules and Vocabulary

Reddit Rules

Although Reddit is a community network open to the general public, it operates based on some essential rules still called Reddiquette. The violation of even one of these rules is severely punished.

So, before taking any action on Reddit, take the time to learn these rules because the community does not think twice before banning a user. 

Among these rules are:

  • Never submit the same comment multiple times to different subreddits (incredibly quickly);
  • Do not submit links only to your website;
  • Don’t ask for upvotes;
  • Avoid any illegal content;
  • Do not share anyone’s private information;
  • Rules of conduct and real-life laws also apply on the Internet;
  • Rules of conduct and real-life laws also apply on the Internet;
  • Don’t be too promotional;
  • Moderators should rate contributions based on quality, not opinion;
  • You should always try to link to the original source;
  • Doxing (publication of third party data) leads to exclusion;
  • Instead of being upset over the spelling or Crossposting (a message that appears in multiple subreddits), you should instead vote and move on. etc
  • Comments should always contribute to the discussion;

Here is a small list of rules to follow on Reddit. It is not exhaustive, and there is nothing better than taking your first steps on the platform to get an idea of ​​how to accommodate yourself.

Reddit Lingo

Thanks to its tags, Reddit allows Redditors to be notified about the type of publication they make.

This Reddit option allows you to sort posts according to their types. It is reasonable to use it even if the need does not arise. 

Below, you will see a small non-exhaustive list of tags that many Redditors add to their posts:

  • OC “Original content”: Used to notify that you are publishing your work;
  • Spoiler: Used to inform other users that the content of the publication might surprise those who are unaware of the subject;
  • AMA “Ask Me anything”: As one can guess, it lets other users know to ask anything;
  • Crosspost: Tell Redditors that this content has also been posted on another relevant subreddit;
  • ELI5: Allows you to ask someone to make something more explicit;
  • DAE: Used by a Redditor when he sees that someone else is plagiarizing;
  • FTFY: To correct a previous comment
  • IMO: Used by Redditors when expressing their views
  • NSFW: To mark explicit content that people won’t want to watch in public places.
  • TL or DR: Used when making a summary of a long article

Nice as jargon. Let’s see how to use this social network to boost your content marketing strategy.

Reddit SEO: How to use Reddit in a Content Marketing Strategy?

More than a social network, Reddit turns out, because of its multiple assets, a true ally of content marketing. Thus, there are many possibilities for using Reddit in a content marketing strategy. 

Here are a few:

Find and join the right subreddits 

Embed relevant subreddits. In other words, join the subreddits whose theme is in line with your field of activity. 

You can easily find the subreddits by typing a keyword describing the type of subreddits you want to embed in the Reddit search bar and then join them using the “join” button.

The following image shows subreddits discussing marketing: 

The part framed in red will allow you to enter your keywords, and the part framed in yellow will allow you to integrate the community you want.

Seek to build trust 

When you post content within your subreddit, remember to read the comments generated by your post. This way, you will be able to answer users’ questions and find out what they think of your publication. 

Show that you care about the community you belong to. You install a climate of trust between your audience and you by doing this.

Keep in mind that most research shows that the trust a customer places in a trade commissioner can lead them to buy or advertise a product.

Create content that helps people

In subreddits, there is content intended to help people create or improve their businesses. Of these contents, the best ones are placed at the top of the posts of the subreddits.

When researching what kind of content you could produce and post on Reddit, think about the concerns people raise with experts in your field. 

For example, if you are a web writer, post articles in your subreddit that will help young writers in their careers. 

If you are in the field of cosmetics, share through your publications tips that could help people take better care of their skin or their bodies.

The goal is to make you known by posting articles that your audience would like to read and share.   

Create Quality Content

The content you post on Reddit will aim to increase traffic to your site and generate more leads for you by optimizing your positioning in your subreddit.

Poor quality content has a lasting effect on your notoriety, the building of which is so difficult and delicate. In other words, the poorer your content, the worse your marketing exploit will be. 

So feel free to put content on your pages while ensuring that it is high quality.

Covet content ideas

Take advantage of subreddits relevant to your field to spot unanswered questions so you can use them to produce content. 

Do not hesitate to produce your content around questions that have remained unanswered. That way, you can get ranked for searches against those questions. 

You will thus have content appropriate to related questions that other users are asking.

Besides, the community site that is Reddit allows you to look at posts that have already worked and generated a lot of comments. 

You can use these posts to build original ideas for creating content that will drive lots of traffic to your site.

The goal is to generate multiple leads by allowing Reddit’s search engines to display your content.

Explore new sites

On the web, there are websites in all areas that capture the attention of Internet users or that represent a significant resource.

Therefore, you can consult these sites to see how the competition is proceeding. Reddit offers you, through its subreddits, the possibility of knowing the blogs currently in vogue in your field. 


Today, social networks, thanks to their so-called “Ads” networks, offer companies various advertising services. Although a community network, Reddit has an advertising service, “RedditAds,” which allows it to help companies that are struggling to deploy.

It promotes a URL and title at a very affordable costThe unique thing about Reddit is that you can target people subscribed to a subreddit category. 

Businesses use RedditAds to keep their audience up to date with events or information that are relevant to their brands.

To create and manage your advertising campaign on Reddit, you can go to this Redditinc page.

Use a calendar

Aside from RedditAds, using a calendar is a great way to notify your audience of upcoming business events. Football club subreddits widely use calendars. 

They use it to broadcast match schedules, standings, etc.

Use Reddit to Fix Customer Service Issues

Create a subreddit to which you direct your story audience to maintain ongoing contact with them. In this subreddit, customers will be able to ask you their concerns and hope to get a response.

Here are different ways to leverage Reddit for your content marketing strategy that I have identified.

In Summary

Reddit is a gold mine that is largely under-exploited by web marketers. It highlights its content through upvotes/downvotes, and the best content manages to perform better.

Content marketers should consider incorporating Reddit into their marketing strategies to make it more profitable. This community is very large, and it is not easy to take advantage of its multiple assets.
However, in this article, I have given you several ways or alternatives to optimize your Reddit content marketing strategy.

Exploit them while following the different rules established by the platform to avoid being penalized.

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