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Information About Sematext

Company Name Sematext
Category Analytics Software
Company Description Sematext allows you to monitor your backend infrastructure, APIs, and frontend performance easily and quickly with ready to use visualizations & alerts. Get started in minutes with autodiscovery for both metrics and logs. Monitor frontend performance, …
Country United States
Company Size 16
Company Phone +1 347-480-1610

Financial Information of Sematext

Customer Database 0
Revenue $2.8M
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2007
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Sematext’s Founder Information
Founder Name Otis Gospodnetic
First Name Otis
Last Name Gospodnetic
Founder Email
Technology Using Youtube; Route 53; WordPress; Facebook Advertiser; Salesforce; Apache; Piwik; Hotjar; Ubuntu; Google Tag Manager; Taboola Ads; Google Analytics; Twitter Button; Google Apps; HubSpot; Amazon Cloudfront; Gravatar; Act-On; Cloud Flare; Woo Commerce