Tag a Time | Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) |

Information About Tag a Time Company Name Tag a Time Website tagatime.com Category Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) Company Description tagatime enables service providers to manage and fill their business calendar with a unified cloud-based platform, accessible from any device. Country Israel Company Size 4 Company Phone Financial Information of Tag a Time Customer Database … Read more

Hipusheet Software LTD | Information Technology & Services |

Information About Hipusheet Software LTD Company Name Hipusheet Software LTD Website qconf.com Category Information Technology & Services Company Description QCONF offer the best audio conferencing you can get. High-quality audio, worldwide coverage, the most secure with with full control and visibility on every call. Free trail Country Israel Company Size 2 Company Phone Financial Information … Read more

SlidePiper | B2B Marketplace Platforms |

Information About SlidePiper Company Name SlidePiper Website slidepiper.com Category B2B Marketplace Platforms Company Description SlidePiper is an interactive platform for B2B sales representatives. We help focus them on their most interested customer in real time while they are actually looking at sales materials. We do this by tracking “page by page” any PDF sent to … Read more

Massoptimizer | Retail Software |

Information About Massoptimizer Company Name Massoptimizer Website massoptimizer.com Category Retail Software Company Description World?s first & only A/B test software for eBay. Helps eBay sellers optimize their listings to convert more visitors to customers. Country Israel Company Size 1 Company Phone +972 54-757-1881 Financial Information of Massoptimizer Customer Database 100 Revenue $62K Year-over-Year Growth Funding … Read more

SenseIT | Digital Marketing Solutions |

Information About SenseIT Company Name SenseIT Website senseit360.com Category Digital Marketing Solutions Company Description Automation testing for digital accessibility. Your enterprise solution for complying with digital accessibility regulations. Request a Demo Contact Us Were living in an age of Digital Inclusion. Accessibility assessments. In minutes. Voice Tech Testin… Country Israel Company Size 11 Company Phone … Read more

Galooli Ltd. | Analytics Software |

Information About Galooli Ltd. Company Name Galooli Ltd. Website galooli.com Category Analytics Software Company Description Galooli is a leading innovator of Remote Management & Energy Efficiency AoT solutions with a distinct focus on maximizing fleet and electric power performance. Country Israel Company Size 164 Company Phone +972 3-565-6900 Financial Information of Galooli Ltd. Customer Database … Read more

Konnecto | Marketing & Advertising |

Information About Konnecto Company Name Konnecto Website konnecto.com Category Marketing & Advertising Company Description Market Intelligence | Konnecto | Artificial Intelligence Konnecto is a GTM Intelligence Platform that provides brands with an ongoing blueprint on how to increase online sales and improve marketing ROI Country Israel Company Size 13 Company Phone Financial Information of Konnecto … Read more

AlgoValue | Legal Software |

Information About AlgoValue Company Name AlgoValue Website algovalue.com Category Legal Software Company Description AlgoValue’s online valuation platform provides a suite of efficient, intuitive, accurate and analytical tools which bring instant transparency, as well as real-time decision-support data output for valuating early stage and mature companies as well as … Country Israel Company Size 3 Company … Read more

Strigo | Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) |

Information About Strigo Company Name Strigo Website strigo.io Category Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) Company Description Strigo’s classroom and labs enable you to easily deliver content and lab exercises and make your training more effective. Country Israel Company Size 30 Company Phone Financial Information of Strigo Customer Database 1K Revenue $2.7M Year-over-Year Growth Funding $10.5M … Read more

Connesta | Enterprise Software |

Information About Connesta Company Name Connesta Website connesta.com Category Enterprise Software Company Description Connesta’s Cloud Control Room (CCR) is a cloud-based media content platform. A software-based virtual control room, it enables you to • Receive, manage and store multiple live video feeds; • Audit, direct and edit rich content; and • Broadcast eng… Country Israel … Read more