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Information About Unito

Company Name Unito
Website unito.io
Category Project
Company Description Regain visibility into work, align your teams, and save a ton of time and effort. Integrations include Asana, monday, Jira, Trello, and more.
Country Canada
Company Size 102
Company Phone +1 548-217-2192

Financial Information of Unito

Customer Database 5K
Revenue $9.4M
Year-over-Year Growth
Funding $12.8M
Founded Year 2015
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page https://ca.linkedin.com/company/unito-
Facebook Page https://facebook.com/unitoio
Twitter Page https://twitter.com/unitoio
Unito’s Founder Information
Founder Name Marc Boscher
First Name Marc
Last Name Boscher
Founder Email marcb@unito.io
Technology Using Youtube; WordPress; Facebook Advertiser; Amplitude; App Nexus; Segment; Intercom; Piwik; Mailchimp; Nginx; Google Tag Manager; Bing Advertiser; Zendesk; Google Analytics; Google Apps; HubSpot; Amazon Cloudfront