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Company Name Varuna
Category Software as a Service Platform(SaaS)
Company Description Quality issues tend to fan out within the distribution system of most water utilities. It never truly starts or belongs in one place. That would be too easy. With the zebra mussel problem in Austin TX in Q1 of 2019, residents had to call in to inform the utility of where they lived and what the condition of their water was when they smelled the foul odor coming out of their taps. Residents could also call into the TV station to report. In a world where most devices are networked, the water utility is still relying on analog approaches to issue identification and then using a centralized system to solve a distributed problem. In a networked world where companies can see exactly what is going on with their assets, and upgrade those assets, thousands of miles in the ocean.
Country United States
Company Size 5
Company Phone +1 312-237-0096

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Funding $1.8M
Founded Year 2018
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Founder Name Chris Karr
First Name Chris
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