What is the Best University to Study Law?

Are you planning to study law? If so, this information about the best universities to check the law may interest you. 

Although this is a reasonably popular career taught in many study houses worldwide, some institutions stand out above the rest. Either because of the quality of its services or the solidity of its educational system.

We have prepared a complete article, especially for you, without further ado. You will find everything from the benefits of studying this degree abroad to a list of the 10 best academies that offer this degree throughout the planet. So stay with us and keep reading!

Why Study Law Abroad?

We know that deciding to study abroad can be difficult. However, it is an option that offers you a wide variety of benefits to grow both personally and academically.

Studying law abroad will allow you to access the best universities in the world to study this career.

In them, you will find the most effective and prestigious study systems that will allow you to acquire all the necessary knowledge to train professionally in the best possible way.

In addition, this experience will expand not only the knowledge you already have but also your language skills. By studying abroad, you can learn a new language or reinforce your skills in it, be it English, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

In the same way, this will help you to get to know a completely different culture while forming friendships with the native people of the country you have chosen. Other benefits of studying law abroad are the job opportunities it offers you.

With this experience, you will be able to expand your curriculum, making you stand out from the rest of your studies and international knowledge. Thanks to this, many doors will open for you in the future to obtain high-reputation jobs.

Regarding the personal benefits this study option can offer, this trip is an excellent opportunity to test your skills

It is because you must adapt to a new country, interact with unknown people, and manage your schedules and money.

Therefore, there is no doubt that if you decide to make this decision, you will have incredible experiences that will fully prepare you to face the future.

What is the Best University to Study Law?

Latin America, Europe, and the world, in general, have excellent universities that include a law degree within their academic offer.

To help you get to know them, in the following section, we include all the essential information about them so that you can fully discover them:

The Best University to Study Law in LATAM

If you want to study law at an institution in Latin America, we recommend the National Autonomous University of Mexico faculty in Mexico City. It ranks #34 among the best law schools in the world.

Here you can take your studies in person, or if you need more time, you can opt for the distance learning system. Once you acquire a bachelor’s degree, you can expand your knowledge with a postgraduate or diploma degree.

On the other hand, we must talk about its facilities. In them, you will find student spaces of all kinds. From classrooms, labs, and auditoriums to sports courts, libraries, and cafeterias. So as a student of this university, you will be able to learn and recreate within the same campus.

Another of its most outstanding data is that it has one of the largest law libraries on the continent.

The Best University to Study Law in Europe

The University of Oxford is in the UK and has the best law school. In addition, although there is a lot of competition in Europe, it is also one of the most outstanding in the entire European continent.

Its great popularity is partly due to its more than 800 years of experience teaching this university degree. In the same way, the effectiveness of its academic program is taken into account, which has managed to train many students prepared to occupy high-prestige positions.

Its academic offer includes undergraduate and postgraduate programs with groups of one to three professors specializing in the area.

Although studying at this university can be somewhat expensive, Oxford has scholarship packages for local and international students. This program offers you the possibility of acquiring an excellent apprenticeship for a cheaper cost as long as you have the requirements.

The best university to study law in the world

Harvard University is the best university to study law anywhere in the world. This private institution in the United States is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Since its inception, it has provided a high-quality education that has given it special international recognition—adding to this that many of its former students have won Nobel prizes, Turing, Fields Medal, and more.

Regarding its law school, all its graduates obtain good jobs where the monetary remuneration is among the best in the country.

In addition, this faculty has a teaching staff made up of world-renowned professionals. Here you will receive classes from teachers who have been government advisors in the United States and Europe. Some have even participated in the UN as advisers to international organizations.

Best Universities to Study Law

In addition to the universities mentioned above, other higher education institutions offer complete programs for this career.

For this reason, we have complemented the previous information with a top where we will include the rest of the best universities in the world to study law.

This top was created by the renowned British company Quacquarelli Symonds, which specializes in education. Said ranking was made taking into account the employment opportunities that its graduates receive, the quality of their education, the training of their teaching staff, and other criteria of this style.

University of Cambridge

After Harvard, the University of Cambridge ranks second among the best universities in the world to study law. Its faculty, located in the United Kingdom, is one of the oldest and recognized worldwide for its teaching quality and excellence.

It has 11 Research Centers, among which the Institute of Criminology and the Lauterpacht Center for International Law stand out. These centers have undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught by approximately 31 professors and 6 lecturers.

The undergraduate program is made up of a law degree where a solid foundation for this career is offered. On the other hand, postgraduate programs at the master’s level cover areas of penology and management, applied criminology, and police administration, while the doctorate is only in law and criminology.

Yale University

Yale University Law School is located in Connecticut, United States. This is considered the best law school in the entire country and one of the most comprehensive in the world.

Although its campus is a little smaller at the facilities level than other universities, this does not negatively influence the learning process. Since students also have all the necessary spaces to develop their knowledge.

Among its facilities, we can highlight the following:

  • Reading room.
  • University cafeteria.
  • The library is equipped with textbooks, newspapers, and all kinds of literary resources.

Being one of the most prestigious study houses, its admission process is much more selective than the rest. To give you an idea of ​​this, its approximate acceptance rate is around 6%.

Stanford University

The law school of Stanford University in the state of California was established in 1893. Thanks to the solidity and effectiveness of its educational system. For many years, it has occupied the first position in the rankings of the best universities to study—law in the United States, together with the faculty of Yale and Harvard.

This academy has more than 550 students destined to obtain the title of Doctor of Jurisprudence. Its academic offer includes three master’s degrees in law, law studies, and legal sciences. A doctorate in legal sciences complements this offer.

Among its most important data, we can highlight that this school has a high percentage of recently graduated federal judges secretaries. Its graduates have achieved high-level positions as chief or associate justices on the supreme courts.

London School of Economics

The United Kingdom contributes another of its institutions to this ranking. In this case, we will talk about the London School of Economics, a public university in London.

Among the most popular faculties of this higher education institution is the law school, where it has managed to train many students who have stood out at the end of their studies.

In general, the graduates of this university have won 18 Nobel prizes and have managed to incorporate about 55 heads of state. With this, we can check the quality of your study system and the opportunities it offers for the future.

In this institution, you will find a very varied student environment with local and international students. It has 70% international students within its facilities. 

If you want to try your luck at this university and acquire an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in law, you will be very welcome.

Columbia University

The city of New York has one of the best universities to study law: Columbia University. The said institution includes a law school within its academic offer that stands out above the rest for the excellent academic preparation it gives its students.

This faculty aims to train trained professionals with theoretical knowledge and technical and methodological skills to generate positive societal change.

For this, they offer a complete program that culminates with some internships where students can gain work experience. This will help them to be more prepared for the future and thus adapt more quickly to the market.

In addition, they will have at their disposal all kinds of student spaces to meet this goal, from modern classrooms to laboratories, libraries, and recreation areas.

New York University

New York University has the oldest law school in the entire state. Established in 1835, this faculty has positioned itself as the primary school of this career within the United States in the branches of Tax Law and International Law.

On the other hand, New York University has produced the most significant number of judges serving on the International Court of Justice. Some of his former students have even won Nobel Prizes, such as Amal Clooney and David Boles.

One of its significant advantages is its exchange agreement with the University of Oxford. Therefore, by studying at this academy, you can apply to spend one or two semesters of your degree in the United Kingdom.

University of California Berkeley

The last place in this ranking of the best universities in the world to study law is occupied by the University of California Berkeley. Located in the United States, its law school is among the top 10 schools in this academic area in the entire country.

In its academic offer, you can find postgraduate programs of Juris Doctor (Doctorate in Law), Master of Laws, Doctorate in Legal Sciences, and Doctorate in Philosophy.

These programs have produced notable politicians, federal judges, and executives who have succeeded nationally and internationally with an average salary of about USD 180,000.

Now that you know the best universities to study law, it is time to make a final decision. If you still have questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box so our team can help you. In addition, we invite you to share this article with other people who may be interested. Until next time!