What Is The Best University To Study Medicine?

Choosing a university to study Medicine is a critical decision. Since it is not only about academic training but also your professional future since you will deal with the life and well-being of people, for this reason, we have written What is The Best University To Study Medicine?

If you are planning to study Medicine abroad but need to know which is the best school, or you still have doubts about your career, this information interests you. Here we will explain why studying Medicine in a foreign country is a good idea. 

Likewise, we will present you with the best faculties in the world in this area of ​​knowledge.

Why Study Medicine Abroad?

There are many reasons to study Medicine, from continuing with the family tradition, dedication to service, and economic stability, among the most common. Regardless of the reasons that motivate you, remember that it is also a significant commitment.

The study of Medicine varies significantly around the world. You must consider this since, depending on the educational system of the country you wish to travel to, they will be the requirements for this career.

Regardless of the country to which you want to travel, the medical career is one of the most competitive in terms of admission and permanence. 

You should also take into account the challenges that, by themselves, are presented by studying abroad. Such as visa procedures, passports, legalization of documents, and language proficiency tests.

So what is it like to study Medicine abroadIt will undoubtedly be a significant challenge. It is facing a new language and different customs and cultures. But above all, to a sea full of academic, professional, and personal possibilities.

By studying at a university with an internationally focused profile, such as Harvard, Stanford, or Cambridge, you will always remain at the forefront of education. In addition to academic training, international universities are distinguished by their intense research activity.

Likewise, you will have the opportunity to see how Medicine is made in other places, with other types of resources, as well as a health system and techniques different from those of your country of origin. 

Another reason to study Medicine abroad is to face challenges and problems in the health sector that differ from those in your country of origin.

Do you want to face this challenge? Continue reading to learn about the educational institutions in the world to study Medicine. Take note!

What Is The Best University To Study Medicine?

First, you should know that some educational systems allow you to take an undergraduate program in health sciences, such as in the United Kingdom. While in countries like the United States, medical programs are found only in graduate schools. To study Medicine, you must first obtain a university degree.

We tell you this because the Top 10 of the leading educational rankings in its health sciences category are universities from these two countries. So if you consider it a good idea to study abroad, the United States and the United Kingdom are your primary destinations.

Therefore, if you are still considering which university to study at, here are the top 10 medical schools in the main educational rankings.

Ranking QS 2022 Medicine

This Ranking is characterized not only by considering the academic reputation and among employers but also by evaluating the impact of research activity. 

Therefore, the listed institutions have an intense research activity. If this is the approach to Medicine you are looking for, do not hesitate to choose one of these universities.

According to the QS 2022 Ranking, the best universities in the world to study Medicine are the following:

1. Harvard University

2. University of Oxford

3. Stanford University

4. University of Cambridge

5. Johns Hopkins University

6. The University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA

7. UCL – University College London

8. Imperial College London

9. Yale University

10. University of Toronto

While, for Europe, the same Ranking positions the following institutions:

1. University of Oxford

2. University of Cambridge

3. UCL – University College London

4. Imperial College London

5. Karolinska Institutet

6. King’s College London

7. London School Hygiene Tropical Medicine

8. The University of Edinburgh

9. University of Amsterdam

10. Heidelberg University 

Shanghai Ranking 2021 Clinical Medicine

This is another of the most prestigious educational rankings and, therefore, the most consulted. Its methodology for rating universities is based on the research activity of the institutions.

Therefore, it takes as indicators aspects such as the number of articles published, their average, against the number of times cited, the international collaboration of the institutions, and the number of people awarded within it.

So we can conclude that if you are looking for academic training in Medicine with a high focus on research, you should consider one of the following institutions:

1. Harvard University

2. UC – University of California, San Francisco

3. University of Cambridge

4. University of Pennsylvania

5. John Hopkins University

6. University of Oxford

7. The University of Texas M. D. Anderson – Cancer Center

8. Imperial College London

9. University of Pittsburgh

10. University of Washington

THE World University Rankings 2022 Medicine & Dentistry

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 has also evaluated the Medicine and dentistry area of ​​more than 1,600 universities worldwide. 

This educational Ranking considers aspects such as teaching, research, and knowledge transfer, as well as the international projection of the institution.

Therefore, it gives us a more general view of the activities carried out within educational institutions and not only their research activity, as in the two previous rankings. Therefore, its top 10 is made up of the following institutions:

1. University of Oxford

2. Harvard University

3. Stanford University

4. University of Cambridge

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6. Yale University

7. The University of Chicago

8. Columbia University

9. Imperial College London

10. Johns Hopkins University

As you can see, in these three lists, there is a constant of institutions that remain among the best: Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge. If you want the best preparation in Medicine, you should choose one of these universities!

Where are the Best Hospitals in the World?

We already told you about the best universities to study Medicine, but what about hospitals? As is well known, most medical schools have their teaching hospitals. Your students can carry out their service, internships, and even internships.

Therefore, knowing which are the best hospitals in the world is fascinating. After evaluating different rankings, Forbes published a list of the best 20 hospitals in the world. Surely you will not be surprised to find hospitals from various universities listed in the previous sections.

The indicators for this list are:

  • The criteria of the international medical community.
  • The experience of patients.
  • The Berlin principles for evaluating educational institutions.

The analysis of these criteria resulted in the following list:

1.   Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

2.   Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, EUA.

3.   Singapore General Hospital, Singapur.

4. Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

5.   Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, EUA.

6.   Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada.

7.   Vaudois University Hospital Center (CHUV) , Lausanne, Suiza.

8.   Md Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, EUA.

9.   Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital , Paris, France.

10. Heidelberg University Clinic, Heidelberg, Germany.

As you can see, the list includes university hospitals such as Hopkins, Karolinska, or Md. Anderson. Which belong to institutions qualified as one of the best faculties in the world, as far as Medicine is concerned. 

Finally, if you want to know, which hospitals occupy the following places, you can consult the Forbes website.

Now that you know the best universities to study Medicine, we hope you can make the best choice for your academic future. 

Therefore, if this information has been helpful to you or you find it interesting, we invite you to share it with friends, family, and colleagues if you think it may benefit them.