Why is My HP Computer so Slow? How to Fix it?

Why is My HP Computer so Slow? As we all know, HP laptops get slow over time. If you’re using your laptop for the first time, it can look brand new or just perfect with no crashes, lags, or crashes. When you first get your laptop, you think that you won’t be playing any games or editing pictures/videos this time.

Do you think you will keep your laptop clean or make sure your laptop is fast enough to do any job? Many reasons are responsible for HP laptops lacking in some places. These are some of the most common reasons (too many programs running at once, running out of disk space, software problems, virus/malware, hardware problems, overheating that burns your laptop, bad or outdated data, and improper use). We will discuss the three leading causes,

We have all been in front of a slow computer at some point, regardless of whether it is a new or old model. This happens for different reasons, but it can be solved if you follow the advice that we will give you.

Computers often tend to be slow for multiple reasons, hindering their performance when using them. In addition to this, specific applications or programs may end up being affected, and even files cannot open. That is why it is necessary to attack this problem from the first moment we notice the failures.

If you want to know how to improve the performance of a slow computer, this is the article you were looking for. In this way, you can improve the way your computer works at home or even at work.

Why is My HP Computer so Slow?

If you wonder what makes the computer slow after using it for a while. Now we will explain some of the most common reasons that lead to this state regardless of the model. In this way, before we give you the advice, you will know the origin of this problem.

Generally, equipment with a long time of use is the ones that are usually most affected in this regard. Since the accumulated work time has led them to have files, malware, or any other negative element, in this way, an internal snowball is formed that does not stop growing and makes everything slower. We will show you some of the reasons why your computer is slow. In this way, you can be much more attentive and thus try not to repeat it. This will give your computer more life to perform at its best.

The temperature influences

We start with a factor that very few pay attention to temperature. We are not only referring to the type of station we are in, but also to the type of room. Being in a hot place with no ventilation can lead to the equipment overheating.

The power source and the computer’s different components have been affected when this happens. So it is essential that it can have good ventilation to regulate its temperature in the best way.

The internet plays an important role.

Nowadays, almost everything we use on a computer or mobile device is related to the internet. That is why if we do not have a good connection, our applications or programs may not work very well. So pay attention to the connection you have, which is perhaps the most influential in your slow computer.

The existence of a virus

Viruses are elements that enter our computer to cause us problems. That is why it is necessary to be on the lookout for any software that could be malicious. In this way, our performance and our files will not be affected by the damage it causes.

The demand is high

Another factor that may be affecting the speed of the computer is the type of use and demand that you give it. We often tend to download huge files or programs that are not recommended for some types of computers. Therefore, the most recommended thing is that you have a high-power gamer computer in high demand.

Pay attention to the hard drive.

Suppose you are usually a person who is used to downloading files and programs and then not deleting them. We tell you that you are affecting your hard drive, so your computer will be much slower. The more information you put on the hard drive, the slower it will do.

Inadequate RAM

Currently, having 4 or 8 GB RAM is not the most recommended. Generally, the space usually needed is more significant, with 12 or 16 GB being more recommended. If you have an older model of RAM, it may also be time to upgrade this component.

Why is my HP Computer so slow? Don’t overthink! Follow this guide step by step

Now it’s time to get to what we came for, the tips to start improving your computer’s performance. That is why we have put together a series of tips that will help you go much faster. We already know some of the most common reasons are, these are the tips you should follow.

Uninstall what you don’t use

As we already mentioned, downloads are usually made that end up not applying to us on many occasions. In addition to this, we may download programs that we later stop using. All of this ends up taking up a lot of space, so they need to be uninstalled. This way, you will avoid things that you do not use and that only make the computer slow.

Don’t load the items desktop.

If you have a computer with a Windows system, they should load everything on the desktop when they start. The more you have, the longer it will take to load, boot, and get them all ready to go. That is why you shouldn’t have a desktop full of elements that you can order in another way.

On your computer, you can also decide which application will start when you turn it on. In this way, you can reduce this work, and it will go much slower without programs you do not need.

Stay away from viruses.

As we already mentioned, if you have a slow computer, it may be due to some virus. For this reason, it is always necessary to have a good antivirus and to be periodically aware that it is clean of them. In this way, you prevent it from slowing down and ensure that all your programs and files are safe.

  • Do not let the hard drive become saturated.

For this, you have the option to format the hard drive or clean it of unnecessary things from time to time. You can do this independently without the need for an expert, freeing up a lot of space for better performance. Everything that you do not use and that is unnecessary, uninstall it so that the space is more significant. This way, you can work more freely and with fewer programs to run.

Maintenance and cleaning are essential.

Many people do not keep the CPU tower or laptop vents clean. This is important because dust or other particles that become dirty constantly enter. If this is not done regularly, it will all affect all internal components.

In addition, there is a risk that the power supply or fans will stop, doing significant damage to the slow computer. Always keep in mind that you must do this so that no damage occurs that could leave you without a computer.

Expand RAM

RAM today performs much more work, so it is often necessary to expand it. Some computers can accept more significant RAM. If this is the case in your case, you can look for one that offers you more space to improve performance.

Try not to do too many tasks at the same time.

If you don’t have the high-performance computer that gamers usually are, you can have consequences. When performing many tasks, the computer will feel saturated with tasks to accomplish so it will be slow. So pay close attention to many open programs, windows, or even games.

In addition to this, when the computer is saturated with work, the fans have a greater demand. If problems such as dust are added, the damage to which the computer is exposed can be irreversible. That is why it is advisable always to be attentive to these details that are the most important.

Don’t let your slow computer finish dying for something you can avoid from home. Follow each of the tips we have given you and try to make it work in the best conditions. The lifespan of your desktop or even laptop may depend on how you use it.

Save your slow computer and revive its performance.

You already know the causes of a slow computer and the tips to follow so that this does not happen. Now everything is in your hands to take care of and keep the computer you have in the best condition. Each of these tips is applicable on desktops and laptops, so let’s get to work.


Laptops and computers are prone to becoming slow when misused. If you want to keep machinery in use for the long term, keep checking its condition and make any necessary updates to address any issues in the future.

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