WTC Final: Who will be the winner if the match is drawn or tie?

The final of the World Test Championship (WTC) will be played between India and New Zealand from 18 June. Friday, ICC answered a big question through a media release – Who will be the winner if the match is draw or tie?

The ICC have stated that if a draw or tie happens, both India and New Zealand will be declared winners jointly. According to the news of Cricbuzz, if the five-day match witnesses any obstacle like rain or is delayed for any other reason, then an extra day is reserved, June 23. The Reserve Day will only come into play if regular five days would not be able to make up for the wasted time. The sixth day will comprise maximum of 330 minutes or 83 overs plus the actual last hour.

The match referee will provide both teams regular updates on the lost time, if any, and a final on whether the reserve day is to be used will be taken at the start of the final hour on Day 5 of the Test.

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