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How to open an account in State Bank of India online sitting at home with Yono Businesss App – Complete information

Do you also want to know how to open an online account in SBI Bank sitting at home (yono business SBI Account Opening)? If yes, today, in this article, we will learn about account opening. We all have heard about SBI because it is the largest bank in India and is also the oldest bank.

To open an account in SBI bank, we had to go to the bank with an aadhar card pan card photo, and in the whole process of opening this account, sometimes it took us two to three days. Still, in the era of increasing technology, SBI also The process of opening their account has been made online. Now everyone can open a new account and do money transactions in SBI Bank with the help of a mobile phone and an app.

How To Open Bank Account From Mobile Sitting At Home – Yono SBI Account Opening

The account can also be opened in SBI Bank from SBI Bank’s official website https://www.onlinesbi.com/, but any account can be easily opened in the YONO app.

To open an account, first, you have to download the YONO app on your mobile; this app is the official app of the State Bank of India, in which you can open your new account and do transactions of your old account online.

What is Yono Business App – Yono SBI Registration

SBI YONO bussiness app is an automatic digital mobile banking platform launched by State Bank of India; this app can do much digital work from home like online money transfer, deposit, online account opening, etc.

Along with this, this YONO app can also do work like train booking, flight booking, bill payment, and online shopping.

Eligibility to open an account online with the State Bank of India YONO

To open an online account in SBI Bank through the YONO app, you must also have specific qualifications, in which you must be a resident of India, you must be above 18 years of age as well as you must have an original Aadhar card and PAN card to open the account.

What are the documents required to open an account with Online SBI? Yono SBI Registration

Download YONO SBI App

Documents will be required for the Yono SBI Account Opening; only then will you be able to open your account, so let us know what documents are required to open an online account.

  • Aadhar Card
  • ✉ Pan Card
  • ✉ Mobile Number
  • ✉ Email Address

How to Open SBI Bank Account Online? – Yono SBI Account Opening

You should have all the documents while opening the account, and if you try to open the account while reading this article, it will be more beneficial for you. To open the account, you have to follow the steps given below-

Step 1: For Yono SBI Account Opening, first of all, you have to search YONO by going to Play Store or App Store of your mobile, in which you have first to install Yono SBI: The Mobile Banking And Lifestyle App in the result or you can download it as given below. You can also install it by clicking on the gone button.

Step 2: After opening the YONO application, you have to click on the option New To Sbi in the three options given below to open a new account.

Step 3: Now, a saving account and home loan will be two options in front of you, out of which you have to click on the option with Open Saving Account and go ahead.

Step 4: In the Saving Account option, you will get two options which Without Branch Visit and With Branch Visit; if you want to open an account online, without going to the bank, then you have to click on the option without Branch Visit and if the nearest bank If I want to go and open an account, then you have to click on the option with Branch Visit, because if we are opening an online account, then we will click on the option without Branch Visit.

Step 5: Without Branch Visit, you get two options Insta Plus Saving Account and Insta Saving Account, out of which you have to click on Insta Plus Saving Account, in which after completion of online process, I will verify your document through video call. will go

 Step 6: Now, you have to click on Start a New Application and the next page click on Next in Video KYC product info, and now you have to enter your current registered mobile number and email, after which an OTP will come on the mobile number You have to verify the mobile number by entering it.

Step 7: You have to create your new password in Please Create Your Application Password, select a question in the security question, and write its answer.

Step 8: Now, you will have the option of FATCA / CRS Declaration in front of you, in which you have to click on the first option Tax India Only, and click on Next.

Step 9: Now, you have to enter your Aadhar card number; an OTP will come on the mobile number registered with your Aadhar card, by entering which you have to verify your Aadhar card.

Step 10: From your Aadhar card, your name, date of birth, address, etc., will be taken by you; you only have to select your State, Sub-District, Town.

Step 11: Now you have to enter your PAN card number, it has to click on Next, now the photo of your Aadhar card will appear in front of you, in this also you have to proceed by clicking on Next.

 Step 12: In the option with Additional Details, you must select your education qualification. After that, you have to choose whether you are married or not.

Step 13: Now, you will get the option of Additional Details for the second time in which you have to enter your place of birth and select the title of your parents and enter the first, middle, and last name; now, you have to click on the check box below and click on Next. 

Step 14: You have to choose your profession and business by entering your annual income.

Step 15: Now you have to select your region, and on the next page in Nominee Details, you have to write about any of your relatives, in which you have to enter his name, relation, and date of birth.

 Step 16: Now you have to select your nearest SBI branch, for which you have to enter the name of the city where the branch is located and click on the check box in the Terms & Condition page and click on Next and once again OTP on your mobile number By entering which you have to verify all these details.

Step 17: Now, you have to enter the name of your debit card in the Debit card details and click Next. Now, a token number will be generated on your screen, which you have to write or take a screenshot of it.

Step 18: Now you have to process your video call for which you should have good internet, and also you should have a PAN card and click on Start Schedule Video Call to start a video call.

Step 19:  If you open your account on the bank’s average opening days and do a video call between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, your video call will be taken, and if it is not, you will get a The option will come to Schedule A Video Call in which you can choose your next days for the video call, and on that day at the same time I have to log in to your Yono App so that after some time you will get a video call.

Step 20: Video Call – In this process of a video call, you will be asked your general information like name, father’s name, etc., and during this video call, your photo will also be taken, and you will also have to show your PAN card to them.

Other information

If for some reason you stop somewhere in the process of opening this account, then you can open the YONO app again, and after following Step-2, 3, 4, and 5, in step 6, you can choose the second option. By clicking on Resume Application, you can proceed with this account opening process again from the same place by entering your mobile number and password.

Step 20, i.e., after two-three days after the completion of Video KYC, you will get the confirmation message of account open, in which you will be given a username; through this username, you have to log in to onlinesbi.com and create your password, after which you have created your account. You can also run through this website and also through the Yono app.

After opening the Yono SBI Account, you have to remember your YONO app’s User Name and Password and Online SBI Internet Banking. In the Yono app, you get the option of MPIN, in which six numbers have to be entered. This number will be given to you in the Yono App. Works as a login id whenever you open the YONO app, you have to enter this 6 number and log in to the YONO app, after which you can do all your transactions from the YONO app and use your account are.

After Yono SBI Account Opening, ATM (Debit) Card will reach you in 5-7 days with the help of speed post.

When Yono SBI Account Opening, a passbook is not available, but you get your bank statement in Yono App.

What facilities are available with Online Account from YONO – Benefits of Online Account Opening

  1. With the help of the Yono App, you can easily open an account sitting at home and send or receive money to anyone using UPI.
  2. Opening an account online from the YONO app does not require many documents. It is opened only based on an Aadhar card and PAN card.
  3. You can also apply and pay online for services like Personal Loan, Education Loan, Home Loan from YONO App.
  4. With the help of the YONO app, you can go to any ATM of SBI and withdraw money through mobile with the option of YONO cash without the need for an ATM.
  5. You can also use the YONO app to get a new ATM card, checkbook, etc.

Is it safe to open an account with SBI YONO? – Is it safe to open YONO SBI account?

Yes, it is safe because this is the official APP of the State Bank of India, and if you have any problem related to Yono, you can solve it by visiting the nearest SBI bank.

Can I add two accounts to the YONO app? – Can we use two accounts in the Yono app?

You can add your second account in the option “Funds Transfer – Add Payee” of the Yono App.

Is there an ATM available for opening an account with the YONO app, or do I have to apply for an ATM separately?

ATM reaches your address after 5-7 days of opening an online account. For this, you do not have to apply separately.

Are there any charges for opening an online account? – Is there any charges for debit cards or the account opening process?

You do not have to pay any Account and ATM Processing Fee on opening an online account. It is free.

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